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      WELCOME   10/19/16


      Hello and welcome to the Byet / iFastNet Forums.


      Please note this is not a tech support forum.


      If you have an issue with your hosting that requires staff assistance, please kindly send us a support ticket or check our knowledge base.

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  3. The Admin is active!!

    1. Aqib


      57 minutes before he was active

  4. Hey Admin and thanks for being active!

    Just a question if you don't mind, have you been informed about the forums problems by iFastNet?

  5. Earlier
  6. We have a problem with the themes (bug), when I try to login to user's cpanel ( I am a reseller ) the default theme is present.

    1. Aqib


      It can't be possible as because we are loading the code in Control Panel Adverts which is used for any user cpanel. I had tested by signing up on your iFreeNet.tk website and the theme is working fine.

    2. PCTipsGR


      What I mean is that if you use the Connect to eftkn_123456 cpanel (connect to one of your client's cpanel) the code does not load at all.

    3. Aqib


      however, i had created an account on your website and then logged in and it's working. May be because the advert section is not loading.

      It's not a bug or problem of themes but it may be because you logged in as admin and may be adverts don't show to admin's that's why themes file is also not loaded.

  7. New VistaPanel themes coming soon, thanks to @Aqib for his help!

    1. Aqib


      No Problem @PCTipsGR :)

  8. Are you on Discord so that we can chat?

    1. Aqib


      Yes, i am

  9. How To Install SSL in free ByetHost hosting:

    1. Enable CloudFlare from vPanel or by going there and changing your nameservers to theirs.
    2. Go to Crypto Section
    3. Select Full SSL since you are on ByetHost
    4. Congratulations! It's Done!
  10. I did a tutorial on how to generate an SSL certificate for young people who have hosting and accounts here in byethost and resellers in this community.


    Attached the link hoping not to delete it I wanted to create a topic but I can not: c

    Download tutorial

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    2. einet


      I have no idea because I can not create themes maybe because of my rank or because I have problems the options here in this forum but no problem is better ;)

    3. Shouvik Mitra

      Shouvik Mitra

      If you like, I welcome you to do a guest blog on, https://www.packofcoders.blogspot.com.

      Pass on your Gmail ID in my inbox, if you wish to do a guest blog about the particular topic. It will not only help other developers inside the forum but also enable other Byet.host users all around the world!

      Thanking You,
      Shouvik Mitra.

    4. Shouvik Mitra
  11. you know how I can put a secure link with ssl on my site I tried more gets giving an error

  12. Hello, I assume you are not on the forums anymore, right?

    (Probably will never answer lol)

  13. Greetings from Saigon, Vietnam  !!!

  14. Can you please tell me how to have a footer in every post as you have saying mahhost?

  15. Could you tell me what are this DAYS WON on your account?

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    2. Aqib


      Ahhh... I also don't know about it. xD

    3. PCTipsGR


      It is the number of time you had the most content likes for a day.

    4. Aqib
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  17. Overview of My Free Hosting Website Homepage


  18. Please, ban now to joaquinito2032!

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  20. Saludos colegas docentes de habla hispana. Espero compartir ustedes todo lo relativo a Servidores gratis y pagos.

  21. Can i have a link to your forum?


  22. Hi dear All
    I want to Learn and Share IT related Knowledge, Specially Website Design, Web Development and Web Administration related Issues. If everyone of us Please Cooperate with each other then it will be more easy and helpful to build a better Online Web-mastering Community. 
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  23. When will the community be back up???


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    2. xpde


      you, index, tidal, and so on. 

    3. Merc


      Any new feautures going to be added?

    4. xpde


      banning, upgraded credits system, billing have just been added

  24. I upgraded the uPanel in project-t30 <3 it looks beautiful

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    2. xpde


      spectre.css, going to use Lightfair

    3. Merc


      What is Lightfair.js?

    4. xpde


      a little framework my friend made


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