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      Welcome to the Byet / iFastNet Forums   10/20/16

      Hello and welcome to theByet / iFastNet Forums. Please note this is not a tech support forum. If you have a issue with your hosting that requires staff assistance, please kindly send us a support ticket or check our knowledge base.

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  3. Is there Any New Tips available for Website Design, please share your view ?
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  5. Okay. I really hope some new themes are coming soon!
  6. my own free host is far from dead, just because you cant 'see' any changes does not mean they are not occuring under the hood. Also we don't really post to social media, never have...
  7. I recently contacted ticket support, and they said they are working on new stuff to improve the platform. It remains to know what e ... http://www.billions.ga Billions Hosting - Free Domain blln.ga and blln.ml - Up to 50 gb of disk space and 100 gb bandwidth
  8. We do have external account on godaddy , how can we set external smtp service? i never did it before
  9. This is server limitation for free accounts. It is only allowed to send emails for account confirmation. To contact or send bulk email, it is necessary to use an external smtp service. I say this because I got in touch by ticket and they told me that. My Site Hosting www.billions.ga
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  11. Hi, I've just made an account here to host my final year project. So far, everything is going okay except this little issue. I tired to use inrestaurant.bytehost7.com/fyp/login.php to access the login page. When I try to access it from my PC, where I'm logged into the hosting site, I can get through. However, when I try to use other devices to get to the specified page, I get redirected to ads. Have I registered wrongly? (I presume that in one of the options to register I selected Hobby)
  12. We are hosting our joomla site, and using top level domain and free hosting account. But our contact form is not sending emais. When i conatact help then said only php mail is available in free hosting so does it mean we cannot send emails using contact forms? or why its not working any specific setting is needed?
  13. It seems like MyOwnFreeHost is dead. It haven't been updated for over a year, and the twitter is inactive. I'm really wanting some new stuff. Like for the CloudFlare addon to be updated so it works if you registered your CF account before you got your byet host account. I also want the lantern theme.
  14. May be your account should be deleted or suspended If you have backup then you can use it again.
  15. Unfortunately the server is configured to only accept entries from the "signup.php" page.
  16. Recently I got in touch with the staff asking just that. They gave me answer that they are working to make themes available to cPanel. You just do not know when that will happen. www.billions.ga
  17. I did this so that the user could choose the desired domain address: I made a linked page from the home page (www.billions.ga/select) where it leads to the list of available domains. Each option contained a link to the domain registration (domain.billions.ga/signup.php). I had to create the packages for each domain available and add the signup.php page in all domains to choose. Take a look at yourself (The site is in Portuguese) http://www.billions.ga/
  18. I also have the same issue. There seem to be no way to reset password for http://myownfreehost.net/
  19. I need to cancel the account http://agribio.byethost5.com. How can I do? Thanks a lot
  20. The same thing happened to me ... I had to upload it manually to the file manager, change the path and then I worked
  21. I think you must have to knowledge about what are you writing in your content.
  22. Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'b9_2951756_GTC._settings' doesn't exist' suggests a required table does not exist in the database name specified.
  23. Looks like whatever caused it, got fixed.
  24. Hi Team, I am having issue accessing my website www.abhishekanand.info hosted at cpanel.byethost9.com It was working fine till couple of hours back, and is presently throwing "500 Error, please check your php script / enable display_errors in your cpanel" Surprisingly, I am not able to download the files from ftp as well (tried both online file browser and ftp client). I see them present in directly fine though, looks like some kind of permission or ownership issue has happened at your end. Please rectify this. Regards, Abhi
  25. Hi, Happy New Year I am a free host user and wonder if anyone can help me to access a MySQL database using a PHP script?The Script file I am using contains the variables:-$dbHost="sql106.byethost9.com"; //MySQL server$dbUnam="b9_2951756"; //temp$dbPwrd="tennis"; //database password$dbName="b9_2951756_GTC"; //database name$dbPfix=""; //db table name prefix (optional)The variables are taken from the left-hand column of my cPanel and the error produced is:- MySQL hostname: "sql106.byethost9.com" MySQL username: "b9_2951756" and I use my cPanel Password The part I need, that isn't shown in cPanel is the correct 'Database Name'. When I use the 'MySQL' app (in cPanel) it shows:- 'MySQL DB Name' as "b9_2951756_GTC" ... but using this as above in the variable '$dbName' in my php file, doesn't work and I get the error message:- 'SQL query error: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'b9_2951756_GTC._settings' doesn't exist' Can anyone indicated where I find the correct database name, how how I use what is there? Thanks in anticipation. Allan
  26. Interesting, a partial copy of my web site still resides at www.geocities.ws. I can easily generate the sitemap.xml file. This implies that the free web hosting at byethost and hostree restrict ability to crawl to identify the htm files?
  27. Same problem for copy of my sites on hostfree.pw. I had to take copies of my sitemaps.xml from defunct Google web hosting, and edit the files for the URL. But cannot generate a good sitemap.xml for a new web site. So I've done this before many times, but not since moving the site to byethost or hostfree. I've tried many sitemap generators, and all fail. What's the difference now?
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