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      Welcome to the Byet / iFastNet Forums   10/20/16

      Hello and welcome to theByet / iFastNet Forums. Please note this is not a tech support forum. If you have a issue with your hosting that requires staff assistance, please kindly send us a support ticket or check our knowledge base.


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  1. hmm Brandon, grab a coffee and hit up google and start searching questions and their respective answers, there are many questions and learnings to be made at such a basic level you really need to start learning and can not be spoon fed.
  2. Hi!

    welcome Rose !
  3. theme

    a note on this theme, we will be deploying soon (as soon as its completed ! ) the paper lantern theme as the default theme.
  4. great to see you guys using the full potential of the said injection methods, only thing to note is we require the upgrade buttons / links to remain in the same locations as before
  5. this site has now been closed, anyone else seeing this please create a support ticket for an abuse complain at http://support.ifastnet.com
  6. you should NOT change the 401 status code handler, 401 is sent to the browser when a basic authentication challenge is required,, so setting 401 as an errordocument will break password protected folders.
  7. theme

    your limited by the system that's provided. however that being said, these limits are generally limited only by your imagination ( look at this thread / any MOFH customization thread)..
  8. theme

    feel free to develop your own mods if required, were open When you have a large user base,,, with each having different goals you don't move to fast in order to ensure all are mostly happy. Please try to be constructive, bashing gets no-one anywhere... We have created a free and open system that has outlived all of the competition be happy and be nice
  9. theme

    were here to help, and have a 'paper lantern' like theme incoming. If you would like to help, please create a new support ticket and ask for Kevin to assist with the ticket.
  10. my own free host is far from dead, just because you cant 'see' any changes does not mean they are not occuring under the hood. Also we don't really post to social media, never have...
  11. Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'b9_2951756_GTC._settings' doesn't exist' suggests a required table does not exist in the database name specified.
  12. hmms, we dont redirect to /legacy anywhere I could only guess your application is causing the redirect.
  13. if you could explain what you would add to the signup form as a 'honeypot' i'm listening
  14. you can purchase premium hosting for your reseller account if you need, then contact support to have your DNS settings updated / your homepage moved. The reason a reseller has the same limits as a free account, is the reseller account is free, and so many people come registering reseller accounts thinking they will get higher limits to host their non reseller websites on.
  15. This has been added to the developers list of tasks and should be completed at some point in the future (no time scales can be given ) .