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      Welcome to the Byet / iFastNet Forums   10/20/16

      Hello and welcome to theByet / iFastNet Forums. Please note this is not a tech support forum. If you have a issue with your hosting that requires staff assistance, please kindly send us a support ticket or check our knowledge base.


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  1. When you upgrade to Premium, it comes with a real domain that you choose. Please file a support ticket, to get more info from our techs: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  2. If it redirected, it means something caused your account to be suspended. Please file a support ticket to find out why: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  3. Hmmm.... Interesting. However, not as interesting as the fact that you titled the thread, and linked to an iPhone Unlocking scam. So, therefore, you are banned for being a spammer, even if you were clever about it.
  4. As you have started this in support, you really should continue there. I personally do not use WP, but have in the past. I do not recognize the last three plugins. Any one of them, could be the issue.
  5. Please file a support ticket on this: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  6. Need more information, in order to help you. The URL you posted, is supposed to be your site, I take it. Yet, it's showing that, instead? Can you log into your control panel? Is everything looking normal in the control panel? Have you installed a new script before this happened?
  7. This could be an issue with the way Nova does their coding. It may not actually be the files, but the resources it's using. The one on this site, is it a different version? An updated copy, I mean.
  8. It sounds like the htdocs folder just did not show up right away. This could have just been a case of it not fully setting up correctly. The support team may have added it, when it was noticed. I'm sure they'll look into it, and find out why it didn't appear right away.
  9. Please register and file a support ticket for this issue: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  10. Please file a support ticket on this: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  11. Please file a support ticket on this: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  12. Please file a support ticket on this. http://support.ifastnet.com/
  13. Please file a support ticket on this, as they can help explain how the signup page functions, and what needs to be done to ensure proper connection with MOFH. Also, you can not add clients through the reseller panel. http://support.ifastnet.com/
  14. You need to add your domain into your hosting panel. To do this, log into your Domain registrar, and set the NameServers to those listed in the email you received when you signed up for web hosting. Then, log into your web hosting control panel, and go to Addon Domains, and enter the domain name in the field there. The rest of the fields, should auto-populate, and you can then hit Submit. When upload files to the domain, it'll have it's own folder, with it's own htdocs folder for it's files.