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  1. I wrote to them privately is to invite them to give their point of view and I hope it works and is easy to modify, edit customize. You can take a look at the demo ❤️

  2. einet


    Hello welcome to the community, make yourself at home
  3. From time to time it's good to keep our identity always protected, 😗 💃🌼 to be seen as we want. This creates confidence in the Observer. 

    1. Viyogi


      privacy is important indeed :)


  4. You can't on free accounts not available to use ssh
  5. If you are working with myownfreehost reseller only 6 functions are available which are used to work with the api [WHM has several but will not work with mofh] because it is limited. you will have to work hard to achieve what you want with whm. But it would only work.: 1. ->availability() - Checks whether a domain / sub-domain can be used. 2. ->createAccount() - Create a hosting account from the reseller api. 3. ->password() - Change account|client password. 4. ->suspend() - Disable the hosting account. 5. ->unsuspend() - Enable the hosting account.
  6. enable From Your panel alter php Config > display error so that you can see in more detail the errors that are causing you
  7. Friend for accounts reseller Free Not all the functions that use WHM are enabled so you get errors that system in accounts free does not work.
  8. I think it's a good idea to inform resellers, free and paid the days that reboots, updates and so on servers are made, because sometimes it shows dropped phpmyadmin and so on and we think that is our website and is when you perform some task on the part of the support team could be some area of announcement about maintenance or updates
  9. Have you received an answer? you must register on the link they tell you and write a ticket with the problem you present.
  10. Databases should be created from your cpanel, vpanel. Once created you can upload or create the tables you want
  11. Use the DNS record method, the email arrives but sometimes it takes a week. the dns record method is applied from your cpanel, vpanel, as indicated by the website
  12. You can create your free ssl from here https://freessl.space/
  13. for free accounts it is limited to 10mb per package. zip should upload your website in parts until it manages to upload the entire website so it works, here because many people previously used the hosting space to save malicious files and material that violates copyright such as mp3 or videos. play improvise and upload the web by parts
  14. Already working on our new platform 😊 

  15. Hey buddy if your account's been suspended head to support.ifastnet.com to meet your request and reactivation of your account enter and explain your case they will tell you what happens and if they can restore your account
  16. Hello welcome to the community
  17. Hello contact support.ifastnet.com to help you recover your account data. or request a password reset via the same way
  18. write an support support.ifastnet.com
  19. write a to support.ifastnet.com give more details about the suspension and if they can talk to you
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