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  1. 12 hours ago, Dog2puppy said:

    Is there a fix to it?

    I don't know, unfortunately.

    3 hours ago, Admin said:

    a note on this theme, we will be deploying soon (as soon as its completed ! ) the paper lantern theme as the default theme. 

    Nice, I can't wait :D

    Will we be able to switch themes in the panel?

  2. Hi,

    "All members and posts have been transfered over, but members will not be able to edit or see old posts under their activity."

    Why is this the case, was there a conversion error?

    That said, I have been browsing this forum for a quite while and it looks and works a lot better than before.

  3. I do not know how to report abusive websites on free hosting, however I have an abuse report written here.

    Website: http://sasg.html-5.me/

    Specifically in Question: http://sasg.html-5.me/board

    Around two years ago, somebody injected a malicious script thanks to an insecure uploader system to this website, revealing the database password and all the usernames and passwords. Somebody then proceeded to completely deface the message board and replace it with insults aimed at the original owner. Although the script that was used has since been removed from the website, the defacement that has been left on the website should not be hosted.

    I suggest that you remove it since the original owner is being harassed about it to this day...

  4. Hi, I'm Rose White and am a proud client of this service. I'm from the UK and am currently running a message board powered by an AcmlmBoard-styled software on your services, and it works perfectly fine with no issues and a fast speed. :)

    My main interest are computers, gaming and anime!

    I joined here to get answers from the community and because I am a client of ByetHost (under my own MOFH reseller). I might also be able to provide some help with your websites.

    Hope I have a good stay here ^^

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