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  1. Unfortunately, that is not possible on a free hosting package. Try lowering the usage of resource intensive scripts and whatnot and you should be fine or, you can just upgrade to a paid package for as low as $2.99 but, if you want a discount code, feel free to use the code WeHostYou360 for 29% off.
  2. I haven't really ever reached those on my main reseller hosting account. I've had DDoS attacks which got me suspended tho. Regular traffic shouldn't be an issue. All you'd get is a 24 hours suspension as long as the hits received don't exceed 800,000.
  3. That's not possible. x3 is no longer available for VistaPanel and it's very old looking. Most users wouldn't really like having it.
  4. You can't really do that. If you're a free hosting user you can upgrade to a paid tier which provides cPanel.
  5. That's good. Feel free to use the affiliate program.
  6. MyOwnFreeHost.net resellers are required to have paid hosting plan links to ifastnet.com present in a visible location on the reseller domain home page. iFastNet reserves the right to suspend and cancel resellers who do not have the paid plan links to ifastnet.com. Resellers are entitled to use the affiliate program for paid plan links.
  7. Your files can not be larger than 10 Megabytes. You must upload them manually or use Softaculous.
  8. You have a limit of 3 accounts per person. That might be one of the reasons you've gotten suspended however I doubt it. Looking at your stats I don't really see any high impact on hits and such so I suggest you open a support ticket here: https://support.ifastnet.com/login.php
  9. Not going to do that lol. I was just letting you know.
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