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  1. Open a support ticket -> https://support.ifastnet.com/login.php
  2. Open a support ticket: https://support.ifastnet.com/login.php
  3. I'd suggest you go for a premium reseller package if that's what you wish to do. If you upgrade to a regular premium hosting package, nothing will be changed for your customers. Only your website will be migrated to the premium servers.
  4. Just get a free domain. Using a subdomain will give you more headaches and things you cannot deal with.
  5. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to publish this and pointing out the needs you may have. However, I have to mention that some of the features you request would not be possible for free hosting. While cPanel might indeed be pleasant and more user-friendly, it comes at a cost. $0.30 per account, to be more precise. (Or, if you wish to limit yourself to 100 users, it is $48.50) [cPanel Pricing] When it comes to email, I agree but, it is still possible to use external services that allow you to receive and send emails under your domain, which I am not going to mention here
  6. Have you registered under a free hosting reseller? I'm not aware of there being any maintenance. Contrary to the message, I suggest that you do open a ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/
  7. Free domains often get deleted, suspended, abandoned, bought out by others and whatnot. It's quite common to come across a domain that's already been used before on free hosting. All you have to do is prove that you're actually in charge of the domain now and, you'll have it assigned to you. https://support.ifastnet.com/login.php #Thread closed.
  8. Sometimes it could be longer but the main idea is that you have to wait lol
  9. cPanel records are supposed to automatically get an SSL but for regarding the order page, it most likely won't happen any time soon.
  10. It all depends on you. Get quality content, tags and everything else and you'll be good to rank wherever possible.
  11. The only thing that I dislike about them is that they ban VPN users. The rest is fine.
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