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  1. CANNOT EVEN EDIT MY PREVIOUS POST.. meant to add cPanel is Lets Encrypt SSL cert
  2. My ressller domain could only get cert SSL working using Cloudfare But my subdomain = cpanel.MYreseller DOMAIN is SSL cert But i created subdomain webmail.MYreseller DOMAIN & forum.MYreseller DOMAIN but they are not getting lets encrypt or cloudfare SSL cert so cant get them to match reseller site WHICH i will basically make $0 BUT iFAST Will
  3. Also is there anyway to change the register2.php looks like a 5 year old did it
  4. order.cmshosting.tk/register2.php Is there anyway to make order. subdomain secure as I changed it from http to https in signup page it went through but i had to accept it once i did this it added an account. PROBLEM no new user is going to do that as soon as they are greeted with UNSECURE add exception page
  5. JUST GOT THIS REPLY FROM CS > Hi there, You can put signup on a https page if you change the url the signup form posts to, to : https://securesignup.net Please let us know if there is anything further we can do for you.
  6. I cannot believe in this day & age a hosting company making it impossible for there resellers to run a fully https site. NOT A VERY GOOD ADVERT FOR NEW USERS as most browsers now give warnings this is UNSECURE. I know it has put off most people i've spoken to. I might come back when iFAST move into the 20th century
  7. This is frustrating when a user trys to create an account SIGNUP getting this error. ERROR #8938749304 Your browser does not appear to be sending refer information this is a requirement https://cmshosting.tk please tell me why ??
  8. 1. I need to delete all resseller domains apart from the one i started with 2. I need a frontend website/hosting signup that works 3. I need to delete the test clients i set up are these requests possible ??
  9. Is anyone in this forum directly linked to iFast (MOFH) ? I setup a few reseller domains for testing and a couple of websites in the reseller panel. But i've looked everywhere and cannot delete them. also been trying to setup the main hosting site where clients sign up and does not seem to work with SSL so I came here as suggested and have been trying out the newly created login/signup module but still not sure if that is created by iFast ??
  10. many friends have tried to set up client accounts and all getting error > ERROR #8938749304 Your browser does not appear to be sending refer information this is a requirement
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