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  1. 2 hours ago, Shen Wei said:

    but i want that people while create a hosting account the account info can fetch on account page and email can automatically verify.

    Email address Automatically Verified I don't think So you can use smtp and send yeah for fetch details You can Do that With Apis! 


  2. 38 minutes ago, Nabeel said:

    they said :


    Hi there,
    php mail() sendmail is enabled but limited on free hosting and it allows the sending of Forum activation links and similar type of mails, any emails which are not registration activation emails or similar may not be delivered by PHPsendmail.
    why don't they enable email on mofh resellers ? I have to use improvmx for mail. and you don't even get  smtp with improvmx . 

    You can use any free/paid mail Provider from the dns record you can add mx record It's works on my site's! 

  3. 18 hours ago, Pro Hostinga said:

    Hey, I recently signed up for reseller hosting and I don't like template of my website. I have bought other template but I don't know how to exactly change the template without any error and also I want custom sign in/ sign up (Client area) page like infinityfree and profreehost have. How can I do that

    You can Use project Logged for sign in/up or create Yourself if you have php template just upload to under htdocs if you bought template of any cms like WordPress Then upload It From Admin panel!



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