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  1. Hi there. My mofh account was suspended for no reason.I haven't got an email from ifastnet. So here's what's happened: I opened a ticket on support.ifastnet.com and i opened a ticket with the topic "I need emails". They told me that i have to disable cloudflare to use Yandex mail and i replied the following message: "Removing cloudflare will put my website in danger.Cloudflare blocked 3 ddos attacks this week." Some hours later one of my customer told me that my site is redirecting to a crap suspended domain page. When i checked the cPanel i got the followi
  2. Hi there! I have a reseller account on MOFH and i want to use ProjectLOGGED. The Log In works fine but when i complete all the fields and click on sign up button it redirects me to the old page and nothing happens. Please help me. DISCORD: ItsGamingTube#6489
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