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URGENT! phpnet.us domain registration has expired, websites no longer accessible.

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Hi There,

I am not the account holder of the website so I can't make a support request however this is a heads up to you guys that phpnet.us and all the websites that is hosted under this domain are no longer accessible due to an apparent domain name expiry (who.is search) - the website has been down for more than 48 hours now. There are a number of users including I that are concerned about this extended downtime.

Can you please check the domain phpnet.us domain registration and if you guys can shed more light on what is going on in relation to phpnet.us? There was a link to this forum on the phpnet.us/contact page (found through the Google cache) hence asking you here. We haven't managed to get a hold of the account holder but still thought it was a good idea to give you the heads up.

Hopefully you can come back with an answer soon :)



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You can login to your vpanel using any MOFH Reseller domain names.

If the domain name is expired then, your subdomain name will also not work unless they renew it. 

Try to login to cpanel.hstn.me with the credentials, and then download your website files.

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