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9 minutes ago, Santiago said:

My free hosting has 16 subdomains (I have registered all in freenom) 

I say this also for new people who do not know how to put subdomains in your free hosting. 

They register short domains in freenom, they have to be 4 characters or more (because if you do not let register for FREE) 

1. Register short domains in freenom, they have to be 4 characters or more (because if you do not let register for free)

2. Then add them in the MyOwnFreeHost dashboard

3. And finally add a selectable so that the user can select a domain and the subdomain name. 

It should be noted that I have tested this with the InfinityFree API client.

If they register many domains like me you can be banned from registering more in freenom, maybe there is no problem since you can continue to have and renew the domains that you already have registered

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11 hours ago, Parimu Hosting for Student said:

¿Por qué puede utilizar el dominio dot.tk para el dominio de su sistema (backend automatizado mediante la API de WHM)?
Entonces, ¿el dominio dot.tk ya está prohibido por el sistema central de iFasNet?

It's allowed as reseller domain but not in the hosting accounts, it was my error, for that I have created more domains, I will to change that beacuse is not allowed to send email, you can add another reseller domain and access to the accounts of all of your domains from any of your domains

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Just now, Santiago said:

Está permitido como dominio revendedor pero no en las cuentas de hosting, fue mi error, para eso he creado más dominios, lo cambiaré porque no está permitido enviar correo electrónico, puedes agregar otro dominio revendedor y acceder a las cuentas de todos sus dominios de cualquiera de sus dominios

If you create a subdomain with santy-server.tk in the account creation it will to show a error

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