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remove captcha from signup page

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Heres a small guide on how to remove the captcha from your signup page.

THIS IS NOT RECOMENDET! ifastnet may remove this workarround or ban users using it! I would only use this if a different captcha is added.

1) Visit your signup form. Then right click on the captcha image, and select open image. Look at the image url. There should be a long number like this: .......id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. copy this number.

2) Change the first line in your signup.php from

$id = md5(rand(6000,PHP_INT_MAX));


$id = "<id you copied goes here>";

3) Now change the line with the input field from something like this:

<input class="form-control" type=text name=number size=30>

to something like this:

<input type="hidden" name="number" value="XXXXX">

where value is the code that you can see if you access the captcha url.

Now you just need to remove the image and the label for the input field and youre done! Your site is now free of the captcha!

Again, this is not reccomanded, I would defenetly put a different captcha there, and the code for an ID may change.

Hope this helped you!

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