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22 hours ago, Jesica said:


I am talking about Which is the best TLD for Travel Business ?

I think .com or .net should be good enough and .travel sounds nice but if you wanted to target a specific country where you wanted to sell this to, I suggest using the nation TLD such as .id .us, etc.. or .co.id, .co.in, etc..

I do not recommend other TLD's that was often used for personal site's or mostly used for phishing or any other free or low reputation domain.

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For a commercial website, I would use .com

.net and .org are truly meant for organizations (non-commercial). And then there are cheesy extensions like .site, .online, .business, etc, that make your site sound unprofessional. There are also domains such as .ml, .cf, and .ga which are free of charge from some registrars, which are good for start ups.

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On 9/27/2018 at 11:21 AM, Jesica said:

Can we Identify Types of TLD  , Please share your view ?

I can divide domains into tons of categories, but IANA divides into 5 or 6 categories I think.

best TLD to use is generic TLDs like .com, .net, .org.

whereabouts TLD for traveling site I think .com, .net are most suitable while new TLDs are also introduced by ICANN like .travel, .flights, .holiday, .tours and one more interesting think is that you can create your own TLD just need hard work and money.

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I dislike those unprofessional, over-saturated (in terms of how many are appearing) gTLDs, no one asked for them and majority of users of them are spammers/phishers...

That said some of them result in interesting domain hacks and fun usages...

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