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  1. Hello everyone,

    My website is idlereveries.com. It is built on wordpress and I am hosting it on byethost free hosting. It recently got suspended and got reactivated. Following was the response of support:




    REF: ADMIN_CLOSE : mysql_time_counters 101

    Your website has for over 100 times has caused queries on the specific mysql server that took over 60 seconds to run, this is a script failure that degrades global free hosting mysql performance.

    If this account is reactivated are you able to prevent / correct this problem? (this normally happens using wordpress / joomla with some bad plugins enabled that overuse mysql)

    If this is the normal usage / behavior for your website, and it continues to be automatically suspended, then you should consider upgrading to a premium account:

    My plugin list is :

    1. Akismet
    2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
    3. Jetpack
    4. Recent posts slider
    5. Updraftplus
    6. wordpress backup to dropbox
    7. wpsmush


    What could be causing the issue and how can I prevent it?

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