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  2. Please visit the support ticket site at: http://support.ifastnet.com Sign up for a support account and file a ticket on this. The support team will be better equipped to assist you.
  3. They did not help me, either they were not qualified, or I am not explaining correctly.
  4. You can Use project Logged for sign in/up or create Yourself if you have php template just upload to under htdocs if you bought template of any cms like WordPress Then upload It From Admin panel!
  5. Last week
  6. Hey, I recently signed up for reseller hosting and I don't like template of my website. I have bought other template but I don't know how to exactly change the template without any error and also I want custom sign in/ sign up (Client area) page like infinityfree and profreehost have. How can I do that?
  7. Sorry, I have uploaded the wrong screenshot. But this error does not disappear anyway. No, I wrote this data: Domain name: khost.gq Username Prefix: tstqq
  8. On domain name i think you written chost.ga that's why you're getting this error
  9. Hello! How do I add a second reseller domain to my MOFH chost.ga account. I need clients on cpanel.chost.ga to be able to register a subdomain in the khost.gq zone if chost.ga is already taken. But, adding this domain does not work and gives such an error. In doing so, I entered this data: Domain name: khost.gq Username Prefix: tstqq
  10. i trying to install that,but HTTP ERROR 500 How To Fix It,i has follow the wiki but same HTTP ERROR 500 php version is 7.4 And My English little bad... If You Can Please DM Me On Discord or reply this DC: MeTooIDK #˙7909 If You Hate this topic,im sorry about it because im noob?yes?maybe
  11. Hello! I have a website for an MOFH reseller. In order for it to appear in the Google search engine, you need to add a sitemap. I created a new sitemap.xml file, but when I add it an "Unknown sitemap file" error occurs. I heard about some kind of? I = 1, maybe he adjusts it?
  12. Vistapanel thenes:- https://github.com/WybeNetwork/VistaPanel-Themes You can Read readme.md for installation process
  13. i want intsall better theme on cPanel because i think paperlantern is ugly someone can tell me how to install? using FTP?or anything? i really like cPanel x3 theme, how to install
  14. I am a newcomer.At my first look, community discussion here is not active.Meaning most of topics are very old.
  15. But you need to make sigup file on mydomain.tld/signup.php
  16. Yeah you can i asked this question to support staff 3 months ago
  17. Hi. I just realized after I signed up in MOFH, they gave me vPanel and FTP credentials. 🤦‍♀️ My question is, Can i use WordPress and Elementor for my home page? If yes, what links should I put in my home page? Thanks
  18. Hello! Thank you for your comment! We've fixed registration issues. This may cause the use of the user's subdomain test************.chost.ga. You can try again. We are considering translating our HESK knowledge base into other languages. Best regards, Matvey!
  19. IF's domain checker says it detects my nameservers correctly. See if i can proceed. Okay, i can proceed and i must wait for at least a day. Thanks
  20. I can say the UI is pretty good too however I found some problems. Firstly Cloudflare is activated in the reseller domain, something that is not suggested. Additionally Signup doesn't work and I suspect it's because MOFH allows signup requests only from the signup.php file of the reseller domain. Finally, while the main site is available in english, knowledge base is available only in Ukrainian and this might be a problem for your international customers. Best Regards, Dimitris
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