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  2. I use yesterday, I chose new option is offered wildcard ssl. But, after request and install it is doesen't active wildcard yet. It is only for main (root) domain?
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  4. You cant change it. The support at https://support.ifastnet.com may, but they very likely cant. You can set the custom prefix for every new reseller domain you add yourself.
  5. Hey, This is only for your master account. Your clients have accounts with the limit you selected in the reseller panel. For The domain limit, you can add as much domains as you want trough the reseller panel, the limit will be ignored. You may contact https://support.ifastnet.com, they can increase these quotas.
  6. How to change user / client username with own prefix. Such as invinity free user is epiz_XXXXXX , ultifree ufwh_XXXXXX , byethost bXX_XXXXX ? My client username is noiss_XXXXXX , and my reseller domain http://www.studenthosting.ga
  7. Why my reseller domain only have 19073 MB ? why 19GB . What this is BUG ? And I see sub domain, parked, and addon is only 6 ? I sign up at afternoon (gmt+7) and accepted (got activation email at 18:17 (GMT+7)) my reseller domain: studenthosting.ga But, I see on reseller panel, global quota are 95367431640625 MB for traffic/bandwith.
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  9. Oh and for the perm feature, please test if it works on a non-perm record first. Sites with yandex or google site verifications or values similar to Lets Encrypt verifications may get deleted as the first 2 just arent usable on free hosting and the third because Lets Encrypt records dont have to be permant.
  10. Hello. I'm Alexandr (aka Andrew, Ultimate Host). Concept of that hosting was created when I was listening to Clair De Lune at night (Thats from where came name). Our Hosting gives you: 128 Free RAM for your Projects 100 GB Disk Storage 20 GB Bandwidth 6 Parked Domains Limit 6 Addon Domains Limit 6 Sub Domains Limit Free SSL Cert Free Sub Domain coolfreesite.cf Free Sub Domain delune.pp.ua If you have suggestions - please write it here, I will read it. Link to the hosting: https://delune.pp.ua
  11. I have used outlook and everything worked pretty fine. Try using outlook.
  12. Hello, while making my hosting I was trying to find how to make request to ifastnet's domain search with data inserted into form. You can see it here (not an ad, just to understand what form)
  13. Thanks everyone the issues have been resolved
  14. my gmail smtp not working ? i have also turned on less secure apps
  15. File an support ticket at support.ifastnet.com. They should be able to help you.
  16. It doesn't bring any error any time I try to create database it will not show that it have create and it will not bring it in database name list
  17. Hello, In this tutorial im going to show you how to add a hole domain to google search. To start, go to search.google.com and, if prompted, log into your google account. Once your done, you should see something like this: Now, type your domain in the "Domain"-card, and click continue. Now, you should get something like this: Now, click on copy. Go to vPanel, login, click on SPF records and select your domain. In the value field, put the data you just copied. Now, wait 1-2 minutes, go back to google and hit verify. Success! You domain has been a
  18. ssl generator redone! Theres now a special version for ifastnet! GoGetSSL coming soon!
  19. Oof, fixing that right now. Thanks for letting me know!
  20. Hey, Can you specify what error you get?
  21. Hello, What error do you encounter?
  22. Please I need help my MySQL database I can't create MySQL database on my host
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  24. RAM Is Not Traffic , traffic is monthly bandwidth,and you can't edit PHP RAM. it only on Premium Hosting,Free Hosting Max PHP RAM is 128 MB
  25. You can, but you need to make a plan. Sign into the MOFH Reseller Panel. Go to Quotas and Packaging > Set Packages. Select your domain then click Add/Change Plans. Click Add Plan for your.domain, then set a plan. You can set the amount of traffic (RAM) through there.
  26. Yea, the MOFH Plans page says we can give up to 100GB RAM a month per user. 5000MB is about 5GB. I can make it smaller.
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