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  2. Bro I tried to find it I also enabled it in admin panel but I can't find the website builder or anything like that and I also tried to check the code but I can't find in it
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  4. I'm not familiar with how the integration works; but if you enter your keys and activate it, I'm assuming that in the client interface, a "Website Builder" or similar option will appear, which when clicked by the customer, will take them to the site.pro integration (which I believe connects through FTP to upload the resulting files to the servers). These questions are better answered by taking a look at the source code, or from hands-on experience (trying out something yourself, either in a local or your production environment); unfortunately, if you're not very familiar with PHP, you may need to start learning it; GenerateArea is in a transition period currently where development is focused on a new client area, so support is limited. Even if it wasn't though, it's a good idea to be able to understand the software that's managing your clients, and some familiarization with PHP is necessary if you're managing everything on your reseller.
  5. Why not try and figure it out yourself? You could have found that out in max 1 hour (for normal people). But now, it has been 8 hours(at the time of posting this), and nobody has given you an answer? Also, asking questions without doing your own research is extremely annoying, so please, do your own research, test it out, before asking questions that are so simple. You can get the answer must quicker if you do research and test it on your own. Asking on this forum makes that you have to wait a whole day to get an answer that you could have possibly get within 15 minutes, and answers on this forum may not be 100% correct.
  6. The instructions should be there; you register for a Site.Pro trial, get the key, and enter it in GenerateArea. https://site.pro/Free-Website-Builder/
  7. I bring you great news, we have begun rolling upgrades of all free hosting web-servers to PHP 8.2. We are incrementally upgrading the nodes in the cluster one by one, so some websites are already running php 8.2 now and over the next weeks all servers will be updated to this new version. As well as updating PHP we are adding a new range of powerful 56 core SSD servers into the cluster which will deliver faster load times to your sites.
  8. How to configure and use site builder In generate area
  9. I'm assuming this is a response to this (sorry for needing to clarify, but the last question was offtopic so it might be confusing): How to do this
  10. By … searching the files!!! Spending some time (like a few hours) getting yourself familiar with the code base would be an amazing start, and will save you countless hours later when you try to customize more stuff.
  11. You're asking questions that aren't relevant to the topic. If you want to ask something that isn't related to GenerateArea, make a new topic. You may also wish to avoid pinging people and just ask a question; someone will answer it, there's no need to ping someone specific unless you're asking something that specifically pertains to them.
  12. Man, just look for it yourself and stop asking obvious questions. It's an option in the MOFH Panel
  13. @SpookyKipper Bro do you know to add this in cpanel.
  14. Just find some settings with email addresses and test it out?
  15. In fact, you don't need to! Just find some settings with email addresses
  16. I think someone needs to look for email template files. If you can’t even do that, not to be rude, but I don’t think you will be a very good reseller.
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  18. Anybody have idea how can I change reply to in email
  19. Just fix it myself by replacing full create-ssl.php with xera's
  20. Have you tried debugging it? If you enable PHP display errors, does it show anything? Also, have you done this?
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