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  3. Buenas noches a todos, tengo un inconveniente al usar el cpanel. Cuando doy clic en la opcion "File Manager" me manda a otra pagina donde ingreso todos mis datos correctamente. Pero aun asi me sale un error llamado "FTP conection failed". Luego intente usar el FileZilla, y me salio el siguiente mensaje: Comando: PASS ********** Respuesta: 421 Home directory not available - aborting Error: No se pudo conectar al servidor Espero que me puedan ayudar, ya que acabo de crear mi cuenta hoy mismo y justo tengo este tipo de problemas. PD: Soy nuevo en esto, así que espero que me e
  4. Just a tip if you want to code your own client area, I made API documentation for MOFH over at https://api.myownfreehost.net and it also lists ready-to-use API wrappers for several programming languages .
  5. yourdomain.com cpanel.yourdomain.com other subdomains list can be checked from vPanel -> Subdomain.
  6. The script you are using is a old forked script from @einet who is author of Einet-Anake-MOFH and there may be some errors in this script. @einet have stopped support for the script and no longer share the script. But you can still request them for the script.
  7. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'tsAdmin' not found in /home/vol7_5/iwontletuseseeitlol/www/wiihosting.ml/htdocs/data/php/principal.php:40 Stack trace: #0 /home/vol7_5/iwontletuseseeitlol/www/wiihosting.ml/htdocs/index.php(21): include() #1 {main} thrown in /home/vol7_5/iwontletuseseeitlo/www/wiihosting.ml/htdocs/data/php/principal.php on line 40 i found it from there https://github.com/githork/Einet-Anake-MOFH
  8. I'm setting up a downtime monitor and I need all the domains of my reseller domain so my clients can know if one of the required subdomains aren't working, such as the cpanel, etc
  9. i think its possible.connect ur domain to Cloudflare add DNS Record subdomain name NS ns1.byet.net subdomain name NS ns2.byet.net subdomain name NS ns3.byet.net ...
  10. I don't think so. To be a reseller you have to change your nameservers to mofh servers. But you can register free domain from freenom.com and use it with mofh.
  11. Can I use subdomain to reseller domain? and how to
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  13. Hey there, I'm Douglas (aka vikingww2) and have now been using MOFH for almsot 6 months. Although I'm very new to using it and am not the most dedicated person, I find it amazing and easy to use. I would recommend a few things though which could largly improve the quality. First thing's first is a cPanel. I'd absolutelt love if MOFH could transfer from vPanel to cPanel because it's easier to use in my opinion, and offers a larger variety of tools. (realisticly I think e-mailing should be made free & available for all vPanels.) Next, I would love if the WHM API feature was renewed,
  14. Meet MintHost - free website hosting in two language versions: Polish - https://minthost.ml English - https://en.minthost.ml We invite you to evaluate our hosting, point out errors and advice! Minthost: Forum: https://forum.minthost.ml Tutorials: https://minthost.ml/tutorials SSL: https://ssl.minthost.ml MintHost on: TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@minthost Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minthost.ml/ Facebook: https://fb.me/MintHost Messenger: https://m.me/MintHost Discord: https://minthost.ml/discord
  15. Have you registered under a free hosting reseller? I'm not aware of there being any maintenance. Contrary to the message, I suggest that you do open a ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/
  16. Hello, For about 3 weeks now I've been greeted with this message every time I access cPanel: And my site (on byethost4.com) returns "The connection has timed out" every time I attempt to access it. Any idea how long this maintenance will last? Thank you.
  17. Hello there, It's been a while but I can introduce you the new version of Tutorials Site CMS (V1.2) V1.2 Changelog Improved UI in some pages Bug Fixes Code Optimization Backup & Export tool (in beta phase) Installer / Updater (in beta phase) You can download it from: https://github.com/dimitrist19/tutorials-site-cms/releases/tag/v1.2 Have ideas & suggestions, experiencing problems or just want to give feedback? Let me know by either creating a GitHub issue or sending me an e-mail on dimitris@dtprojects.eu.org Best Regards & St
  18. Hi @Eddippla, Cloudflare will work normally as long as you don't add it to your reseller site! You cannot add cloudflare to the reseller site as it will break some features! And if you're asking about client sites then you can use and add cloudflare to your website normally. 🙂
  19. How do I make this proxied through cloudflare, and is it safe?
  20. Simply put your cloudflare email in the vistapanel and follow along!
  21. posted on wrong category, meant to post on MyOwnFreeHost category
  22. I know how to add it, but i'm unsure the nameservers and stuff will work if I add it to my site. Is there something I have to do specially so it works?
  23. I know how to add it and all, but i'm not sure if it will work if I add it normally, is there something special I have to do so it works? I mostly just need an answer to that. Thank you.
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