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  2. I Just Check Your Domains WHOIS,You Didnt Change Nameservers. Your Current Name Server Is ns01.freenom.com. ns02.freenom.com. ns03.freenom.com. ns04.freenom.com. Please Change it to ns1.byet.org ns2.byet.org ns3.byet.org ns4.byet.org
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  4. Hi My website freewebhosting160.ml when I tried going in my website it says: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when after i began to be reseller any help?
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  6. Hi, team! Trying to start a balancer via http://panel.byethost.com/panel/indexpl.php but cannot find where it's possible? Site returns 502 Bad gateway from Nginx. Could you help with resolution?
  7. When in infinityfree I create 3 accounts and deactivate an account, the status of the account is deactivated and the records continue, but it already allows you to create an account. you can try it.
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  10. InfinityFree won't allow to create new accounts until the old account records are not deleted.
  11. In free hosting account mysql event doesn't work so that's why deactivated account cannot be deleted automatically and need to be deleted manually.
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  13. I believe that you have to wait for the accounts to enter the deactivated state before you can create a new one. it works this way om InfinityFree was well.
  14. hi, i would like to make a suggestion. When you create the 3 allowed accounts and deactivate an account it would be nice if it allows you to create an account as infinityfree. I just created 3 accounts and deactivated all 3 accounts and now I can't create another one.
  15. Thanks for suspending my flexhost account. I noticed that this is stated "All of your account domain data files folders including database files will be permanently deleted after days of deactivation", but the number of days is not given. The change in the "Edit Account" screen is awesome!
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