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  1. I'm not sure if that script can be used on a free hosting account. It looks like it also may be an older script, that may not have been updated for some time, meaning it may not be able to be run on the newer php versions.
  2. Please do not reply to old posts, in the future. However, since this does seem to be a fix for the issue, until I'm told that it's invalid (I don't use Xera, so don't know) I'm going to let this post stand.
  3. Welcome to the forum! You're probably here because you're encountering a problem - and this can put people on edge. Just remember, when you post here, that we are trying to help you - as quickly as possible. Don't get angry or frustrated, just tell us what's wrong and we'll help you work out the problem. Avoid bothering with your pride. We know just as well as anyone else that everyone makes mistakes... and sometimes they aren't your fault. If the problem was caused by something you accidentally did, that's okay... we can still help you work it out. We don't expect you to be an expert at using our web host - that would not be at all reasonable, would it? Please follow these rules when explaining the problem you are experiencing: 1. Read before you post: This means you first need to check the KnowledgeBase, and also search the hosting general boards to see if your question has not already been asked and answered. If you decide that the answer to your problem is neither in the KnowledgeBase nor in the hosting general boards, please follow the rules below when asking questions: 1. Informative subject: Make your topic's title as informative and clear as possible. Using one word like 'help!' or 'please!', or a combination of these words, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, or strings of !!!!! will get you nowhere and it will not help people who search the forum before asking their questions. Please, be descriptive. 2. List of specifications: You should try to give as much information about your issue as possible, including details on what errors you may be having. 3. Link: Providing a link to your site will probably give the support team a better understanding of the problem and may result in faster help. (If the site is locked to public or the problem cannot be seen as a guest, you'll need to create a test account for support team members to use. 4. Problem: Provide a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing, the areas that you are having the problem in, and any error message, will help. 1. Do not bump your topics within twenty-four hours of posting. Everybody here is a volunteer. Forum members all live in different parts of the world and may be in a different time zone to you. Members will help when they can. 2. Do not start more than one topic about the same problem. Duplicate topics will be deleted or locked. 3. Please post in the correct board. When you do post about your problem, please try to post it in the appropriate section. This just helps us both understand your issue, and help you more efficiently with people who know more about the problems you're encountering. Further Tips and Advice: If you're getting database or MySQL errors, you should look at the KnowledgeBase for them first, as it may help you solve the issue without having to post at all. If this doesn't help, or you're not sure what it means, feel free to post about it here. If you're getting any kind of error message, searching for it may give you a better idea. Sometimes, though, you may come across a topic that had the same message... but is caused by a different issue. Remember, don't get tied to that necessarily being the problem, and if in doubt you can always post about it. But searching almost always helps, so don't forget to do so... It'll save you and us time, and get your problem solved more quickly. As a last note, please avoid messaging the forum staff for help, except in the cases of security related problems or where passwords are involved. You will almost always get a faster response if you post in public so you have more people who can help you. Thanks - and we hope only to help!
  4. That right there, is number one reason the support system is in place for. To do what can't be done by the forum people. 😀
  5. I figured it would be best idea, for premium or VPS, as there might be an issue with the server, and only support can check that.
  6. You may wish to file a support ticket, and give them the info. They may run some tests on the server your site is on and may be able to tell you what's going on.
  7. Saw this, and wanted to share it, in case ElkArte uses Universal.
  8. It seems you are signed up via ProFreeHost. Have you checked with them? https://profreehost.com/forum https://profreehost.com/support
  9. That's what I was thinking... I'm hoping that they do have a license, and it's not a nulled copy...
  10. https://kb.ifastnet.com/index.php?/category/50/0/10/MyOwnFreeHost-Reseller/
  11. With most search engines, having the site show in English results, means a lot more views, I've noticed. Good luck with that, though, as making multi-languages can be tedious work.
  12. 1. If the forum software does not specifically state that you can remove the copyright, that is against their ToS. 2. The forum you had before, when I had first asked, is not one that you can do that with. They require the copyright to remain. Failure to do so, results in it being nulled. As does have a pirated copy of a paid software. 3. That was what I was trying to do, but you seemed to have confirmed my suspicion when you changed the forum software. Your host does need some work on it, as stated above. However, I for one would recommend adding translations for some other languages, like English, which is very widely used online. It might also help with your SEO. 😀
  13. You know very well where I got it. Do not play dumb. Not only have you removed any wording that stated "ehost" but you also changed your forum software after I commented on nulled scripts. Your hosting premium plans go to your own signup page, not affiliate links. Also, you have the ability to multi-quote on the forum here, so you do not need to double post at the same time. Yes, it's a feature that's new to some people, and not all forums can do it, so no worries, just remember that you can also highlight text, and it'll pop up a little button to quote the selected text.
  14. You may be able to do this yourself, using a .htaccess file with the following: AddHandler application/x-httpd-alt-php74___lsphp .php Replace the 74 with whatever version you want. Note: This only works for below the current php version of the server.
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