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  1. Please be patient it will be approved and setup within 24 hours or if need sooner please try to open a ticket at https://support.IfastNet.com
  2. No, it is not if you had a account with ifastnet before you may have made a password i would Reset Password (ifastnet.com) for further help in gaining access to support or open a ticket in your cPanel
  3. I'm not really sure since i don't have access to your account information, please open a support ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com or Support Tickets in your VistaPanel once that is done, they might be able to help more then i can no guarantee though
  4. You can always use SendGrid, or MailGun, Sending emails were disabled due to abuse on the free platform
  5. Try and only make one post per concern, so the forum does not get flooded, someone will answer you Best, Regards AHost
  6. Hey, there so sorry to hear, that do you mind sharing your subdomain so maybe i can see if anything comes up on my, end might be cache related Best Regards AHost
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