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  1. i think You Can't I will recommend To create a ticket At support.ifastnet.com
  2. I don't know if anyone know then please reply and @BOGwait for others reply or create a support ticket at Support.myownfreehost.net
  3. Hey everyone Please use English Language here did you guys making secret atom bomb here so hiding from us!🙄
  4. AwesomeTech


    I will recommend discourse! Or php BB
  5. As well i see your site only have ns of Cloudflare no a records Or no Other Ns records
  6. You can create your own or use BoxBilling! Or you can purchase a license
  7. Wait for 24 hours if still not activate it then create a support ticket at https://support.myownfreehost.net
  8. I think you can't I would suggest to Download on Your Pc then Edit and Manually Upload It! Or use a Vps
  9. You need to know php oop.then you can use this:- https://github.com/InfinityFreeHosting/mofh-client
  10. Email address Automatically Verified I don't think So you can use smtp and send yeah for fetch details You can Do that With Apis! APIs
  11. At that time your site will suspended for 24hours!
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