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  1. As well i see your site only have ns of Cloudflare no a records Or no Other Ns records
  2. Change your nameservers and try to connect
  3. You can create your own or use BoxBilling! Or you can purchase a license
  4. Wait for 24 hours if still not activate it then create a support ticket at https://support.myownfreehost.net
  5. I think you can't I would suggest to Download on Your Pc then Edit and Manually Upload It! Or use a Vps
  6. You need to know php oop.then you can use this:- https://github.com/InfinityFreeHosting/mofh-client
  7. Email address Automatically Verified I don't think So you can use smtp and send yeah for fetch details You can Do that With Apis! APIs
  8. At that time your site will suspended for 24hours!
  9. Nodes refers to folder and Daily hit's are Daily Limit there are no way to control them!
  10. In free hosting Ifastnet Is not providing Email services you need To use third party's Service Provider or A Best Thing You Can do is You can upgrade your plan With all Backup to premium hosting from IFASTNET and get the Email Services with no-error's
  11. Could you please use English language next time and about email you can use Yandex connect or other email providing Service!
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