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  1. This is not possible with project logged. For signups, the captcha with the image is required.
  2. Hello! How did you customize the VistaPanel of your canel.thfhost.tk website?

    1. Dimitris


      Hey. Just shoot me a personal message ;) 

  3. This is not possible. However you can ask https://support.ifastnet.com if they can resolve the encryption issue
  4. Hello there, At that time FileManager had some problems. It should work now. Best Regards, Dimitris
  5. Yes. Cloudflare might make issues to mofh reseller domains. You can get a free ssl via https://freessl.space
  6. Nice. It's great that you contributed this to community. If I have the chance to try it I will let you know for feedback and issues if I have
  7. I'd suggest then to contact iFastNet on https://support.ifastnet.com
  8. I'd suggest you to delete the subdomain then and trying to create it again
  9. Could you share with us the url you are having problem with?
  10. I can help you if you want to. Just shoot a message
  11. Hello there, The maximum upload file size is 10mb and cannot be changed. However you should be able to upload that file as it's less than the limit. If you still have trouble uploading it I'd suggest to make a support ticket on https://support.ifastnet.com Best Regards, Dimitris
  12. Hello there, As mentioned by AwesomeTech iFastNet is responsible for this and it might take some time to activate. At the moment it seems that the ssl is now activated in your website's vPanel url. If you have additional problems you should contact iFastNet support on https://support.ifastnet.com I hope that I helped. Best Regards, Dimitris
  13. Hello there, Finally after 3 months I can introduce the V1.1 of the CMS. V1.1 Changelog: Improved UI in some pages Bug Fixes Improved Editor Integration Added 'VP CUSTOMIZATION' section Datatable for Tutorial List with 'View' action You can download it from: https://github.com/dimitrist19/tutorials-site-cms/releases/tag/v1.1 Have ideas, suggestions or feedback? Let me know by either creating a GitHub issue or joining my discord server Best Regards & Stay Safe, Dimitris
  14. In your vPanel there should be the sql server. sqlXXX.byethost1.com something like this
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