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  1. What is your best/favourite accomplishment that you have done? Web-wise; favourite website you've designed etc etc changing this to question of the month because i forgot, a lot
  2. Do share if it works, I did it yesterday but now it doesn't turn on at all 🤷‍♂️
  3. Ah! Chucking the computer across the room makes websites load quicker for me.
  4. What's the best trick you've used when developing a website or web application? Forum seems dead so I thought I should post some question
  5. So when using a domain not with MOFH, this will still work? Instead of be having to register glue records, I can just use them as A Records and then clients can point their domain to fr1.ns.domain.com and it will point to their website?
  6. I didn't have to set any records up when I added the domain to MOFH though, the name servers worked automatically without having to add the glue records.
  7. No, I want to understand properly how they work. I have never registered them as glue records, they just work automatically for me.
  8. What @PrimeKoder will work for grabbing your image. If you seem to have any issues with this, resort back here & we can try help you with it
  9. Try using securesignup.net instead, that should provide a secure connection. Register link: securesignup.net/register2.php Let me know if this helps.
  10. Hey, So I am wondering how that the byet nameserver thing works, when you create a mofh account- you get assigned your own nameservers. Are these done via DNS like an A Record? How do these actually work- I've tried to look but the A Records do not show in the cPanel. Thanks
  11. Did you get any luck with this @Siddharth?
  12. I cannot seem to find this at all. Your site's sign up page seems to be broken - the captcha isn't showing up and the iframe just disappears when the confirmation is supposedly meant to appear.
  13. I feel if we could AT LEAST use custom css on the login form, it would be nice. This would mean writing out a new stylesheet, but it would also open up more possibilities for it. Where's the petition?
  14. I like this idea. And if we can't get a fully customizable panel - can we atleast get an updated one that fits in? With mobile functionality and stuff - the current login looks right out of the 2000s.
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