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  1. If changing your nameservers doesnt have any effect, thats an issue with your registrar. The account you as a reseller get has the same specs as a normal account. Sometimes the limits are lower than on normal accounts, you can simply change them via the MOFH Panel by looking up your username/domain (it only works with one, dont recall which, just try) Please note that if your domain is used with MOFH, you CAN NOT use it with any other account on the ifastnet/MOFH network.
  2. If your domain is on byet.org you can just leave it there. It works just fine. If you really want to change to ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com, you can do that, but you are going to have to setup glue records. You can find the IPs for that in the welcome email from MOFH. Please note that if you change the nameservers, it might take up to 48 hours til the change is reflected.
  3. Also ideally try using an desktop-ftp client, the webftp sometimes struggles with large file uploads. From what github repository are you taking the files?
  4. Well it gives the hint of running the installer again. Ive found, that even with xeras current state the installer works. "trying it again" is usually the first troubleshooting step.
  5. Please note that theres some maximum file size limitations. 1MB for PHP files and 10MB for other files. If you exceed this limit the files will get deleted automatically. There might also be issues with uploading multiple files via MonstaFTP, so its recommended to use a desktop FTP client like WinSCP or Filezilla.
  6. Youve made some error during the installation. We cant really help you with that.
  7. Thats why I said this: BKs Statement is very unclear here. If you were to give someone the statement "To have MOFH, you need to have iFastNet Premium", they wouldnt be able to tell that its about ads on the homepage, not owning an hosting plan. I dont think I have to explain this.
  8. You absolutely dont need iFastNet Premium. As the name MyOwnFreeHost suggests. Inifnityfree also hosts their homepage on another host.
  9. You only have to link iFastNet visible and may not remove adverts in the cPanel. Anything else is fine, including additionally advertising other hosts. However as far as im aware, you need to have such link visibly on your homepage, which there isnt any. I dont think thats what you mean anyways, but its okay to use MOFH with your account beeing free.
  10. Generally if you setup the domain in Cloudflare, cloudflare scans for DNS Records and that should be all you need. Id still reccomend setting two CNAME records from @ and www to the svXXX.ifastnet.com, like spookykipper said.
  11. ahyes, didnt you like already flex with that on the discord But please dont spend so much money on a laptop
  12. Or by messaging support. But I think we found the issue here.
  13. Please dont use AI 🙃 The login works fine for me. Getting an reload usually means your password/username is wrong. Are you sure you have entered everything correctly and have selected administrator (not supporter)? If that doesnt help create a support ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com
  14. He already did that (CS = Customer Support) @freetunnel01 Please note though, if you are going to try an tunneling application on byet hosting you'll get suspended.
  15. This depends. Where are you trying to put the image? It might not work in cases where an bot/proxy accesses the picture, like with many forums, as they dont cant get past the anti-bot challenge. If you provide more context, e. g. the link to the image/your site address, we might be able to help you better. Byet isnt really for filehsaring/image hosting anyways. As long as you dont exclusively use it for that purpose you should be fine tho.
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