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  1. I checked again,I see on my error domain some dns server hasn't propagated. but why? I have registered domain, and updated nameserver about one month ago. But, why now nameserver not propagated again seems I newly change NS or register domain? Edit: I see, my error domain is domain ended on .ga tld in another tlds is work Edit2: I know, this problem in .ga side. site dot.ga and my.ga and other domain with .ga extention can't be reached.
  2. have problem on some domain, even master domain (https://studenthosting.ga) this site cannot be reached DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN I have tested on dnschecker all dns is resolved I don't know this probe in byet or in freenom, I see all dns nameserver on freenom is pointed to ns1.byet.org - ns5.byet.org Then, I can't check on MOFH cpanel, because my master cpanel (http://cpanel.studenthosting.ga) cannot be accessed. Sometime, I'am not checking this service, and now some domain unaviable.
  3. Why, I cannot install multi domain ssl. Error notification showing, not match. But, I test with cert decoder valid. Domain on subject alternatives name.
  4. Can I copy terms and conditions and privacy policy from iFastNet to my landing page hosting section? what do you permit about this. And for kb, what do you permit about this?
  5. Error, when adding domain to cloudflare on cpanel. Whereas, email from cloudflare has been arrived from firsl I click enable cloudflare. But, when I try again. Still error. CLOUDFLARE ERROR : An unknown CloudFlare error has occurred during zone creation and has been logged. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will fix the problem promptly. Then, I see on cloudflare community: they say
  6. I succesfully done, after reinstall MOFHY using MOFHY by mahtab2003 https://github.com/mahtab2003/MOFHY-Lite
  7. I know, create account is working. But, create hosting account have problem "something went wrong"
  8. I have problem. I has been created my site used for client area login. Located in: https://admin.studenthosting.ga But, I have problem with client account creation. I tested on test user, and this user can't got email and account not showing on clientarea. And account has created in reseller panel, but I couldn't find password. But, verification mail on first registration is show. Seems, this error I found on this forum, but I forgoten place or links.
  9. why you can make dot.tk domain use for your system domain (backend automated using WHM API) ? so, dot.tk domain already banned by iFasNet central system?
  10. Can I change hosting volume? All my domain, placed in vol 2_7 ? Is this true? Sorry, I new in MOFH and I didn't know about this.
  11. Okay, buta anywhere I get wilcard ssl for my clients subdomain? Like 000webhost or must be paid ssl?
  12. I use yesterday, I chose new option is offered wildcard ssl. But, after request and install it is doesen't active wildcard yet. It is only for main (root) domain?
  13. How to change user / client username with own prefix. Such as invinity free user is epiz_XXXXXX , ultifree ufwh_XXXXXX , byethost bXX_XXXXX ? My client username is noiss_XXXXXX , and my reseller domain http://www.studenthosting.ga
  14. Why my reseller domain only have 19073 MB ? why 19GB . What this is BUG ? And I see sub domain, parked, and addon is only 6 ? I sign up at afternoon (gmt+7) and accepted (got activation email at 18:17 (GMT+7)) my reseller domain: studenthosting.ga But, I see on reseller panel, global quota are 95367431640625 MB for traffic/bandwith.
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