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  1. Update: Minor bug fixes https://github.com/mahtab2003/Xera/commit/732a2537d08661c03c9aeb6b5f8dfbaee2baf847
  2. Update: Routes updated for xera and fixed a few minor bugs. Upcoming Updates: Self-signed SSL certificates Module for Xera (File-based) (Estimated Time: 2 Weeks). Update SMTP Module (Codeignitor 3) (Estimated Time: 1 Week). Add additional features modules (Estimated Time: Unknown). Migration from CI-3 to CI-4 (Additional support for PHP 8.x) (Estimated Time: Unknown). Built-in community forum for Xera (Estimated Time: Unknown). That's it for now.
  3. After a long time, Xera development is live again. Build will receive regular updates soon

  4. Xera development is live again and build will receive regular updates again
  5. ok i will not add IITCenter to Xera. for any further questions ask in the IITCenter Topic. any further post will only be related to Xera
  6. i don't have anything to do with the security stuff because I'm not responsible for that, you can ask @IITCenter about this problem
  7. i will add dns validation soon firstly I'm not the website developer of this project. secondly if you notice the clientarea is forked from Mofhr and only did a few tweaks. and also do i really need to advertise my ca here? if i really want to advertise my ca i can do it by paying google ads or other advertising platforms. i just want to add this to my panel so i can make sure users are having good experience. They do Company Root CA https://iitcenter.xyz/panel/certificate/IITCRootX1.crt Root CA https://iitcenter.xyz/panel/certificate/IITCRootCertificationAuthority.crt DV SUB CA https://iitcenter.xyz/panel/certificate/IITCDVCertificationAuthority.crt ECC SUB CA https://iitcenter.xyz/panel/certificate/IITCECCCertificationAuthority.crt Root certificate is submitted to CCADB for validation. And I don't want anymore arguments on this topic.
  8. currently we only validate domain via a file validation.
  9. I'm going to partner with a new ssl service provider named IITCenter
  10. Will consider. ZeroSSL are not free meanwhile Let's Encrypt have a rate limit. Let me make it clear. Firstly, every time i make something new the database structure will be updated as well because i always try to bring new features and cover old problems. Secondly, Codeigniter 4 have a different file and code structure compared to Codeigniter 3. It contains different security patches and some new features. Here is a list of features I'm thinking to implement: 1. Basic Authentication. All necessary features like registration and login page along with forgot password page. A user will have a passphrase to reset his/her password instead of requesting reset code. 2. Extended Support Unlike the old version this version will contain a method for staff to directly move user queries to iFastNet Support team. 3. Multiple Language Although this feature was present in older versions but in this case the admin have to register a language in a specific file in order to avoid corrupt files. 4. Custom Template Although this feature was present in older versions but in this case the admin have to register a template in a specific file in order to avoid corrupt files. 5. Mofh and SSL in a file I'm thinking to use file system for data storage instead of database to reduce query count. 6. Query Caching I'm thinking to use query caching to prevent repeating a same query multiple times. More coming soon...
  11. Hello everyone! Previously i saw many people moving from mofhy or any other platform to xera and were facing a few issues that can be fixed by just a few efforts. Although i created xera but i was unable to completely understand it myself and it was also built on an outdated version of codeigniter(V3) and there was a few missing features as well. So i was thinking to make a clientarea according to current user need and up-to-dated vendors. I'm going to use Codeigniter 4 with a few tweaks. So I thought ask seniors for their suggestions on what features i should add in newly build clientarea which can go a long way.
  12. i think you should encrypt private key and store it in a file with unique file structure with an unguessable name. thank you for sharing the code even though it is of no use. i will try it
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