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  1. whmcs is a heavy software and will likely not run on free hosting also, why not get a paid hosting if you have the money to buy a whmcs license?
  2. /app/config/config.php Around Line 38, Make it $config['index_page'] = 'index.php';
  3. It will use the referrer header sent by the browser or the associated API user if using Xera or similar
  4. If you dont want to do much work, a working template with a register page is setup for you and you can view users accounts in the MOFH Panel But if you want a nicer UI and more features you can use Xera
  5. Don't use the error log file, just enable display errors in php!
  6. These are definitely incorrect information & you are false advertising It makes no sense to do that, you earn less because you added an extra useless steps for people who are interested in Premium Hosting. These are incorrect info about Free Hosting: These are not true too (I mentioned these before, and you show no signs of changing it): These reviews look fake as well:
  7. For the first one, you have to enable PHP Display Errors For the second one, I am certain it is a CSRF expired error
  8. You don't have mod rewrite or friendly urls or a valid htaccess with mod rewrite rules or smth like that https://panel.parsedev.ir/index.php/u/register This works
  9. The Year of "Loooooooong" https://edition.cnn.com/2024/02/16/china/happy-new-year-of-the-dragon-or-loong-intl-hnk/index.html#:~:text=Every Lunar New Year%2C China,term for the mythical beast.
  10. More reviews! 1. SSL requires CSR? 2. This design is absolute horrible (dark header with a light body?)
  11. Many other hosts on this forum doesn't use ifastnet premium
  12. This is not true iFastNet does not have additional measures for threat presentation, as far as I am aware of. Regular backups is 100% not true, both free and paid. "Advanced" is also a pretty subjective word These are not true too: You also have some fake stats on the page You also have some fake testimonials This page isn't working https://hospedagem-gratis.com/blog/como-criar-uma-loja-online-gratis Your SSL Guide isn't specifically for your hosting And, why are you redirecting to your Client panel registration for the premium plans? You are not the one offering them
  13. change the nameservers to the cloudflare and point it to your premium hosting server I recommend adding a CNAME to svXXX.ifastnet.com Or, you can also A record to the "Shared IP Address" shown in your cpanel btw, ifastnet support is really good and fast if its their working hours They are really helpful if you provide a paid invoice id, especially a premium hosting one
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