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  1. How come all my accounts are gone ? I had to do a password reset as well, is this because security?
  2. I think theres another free reseller hosting somewhere but idk. Can't really 'advertise' it can I?
  3. May you need help with it? Ive seen people use Tawk for knowledge bases and Flarum or Vanilla for forums
  4. Can you force HTTPS on the cpanel for smallhost once someone registers etc? Also is there any way you could improve the CSS in this section: https://smallhost.us.to/clients/p/home.php I can help with it?
  5. I personally like .ga and .ml This is also a good suggestion, if not possible, try linking the site like this in your first post you made on here in this topic: https://freehostingunlimited.tk/
  6. Thanks for fixing! I like how RoyalityFree is SSL secured
  7. When I visited the site, it redirected me to some leotracking thing.
  8. I hope to see some possible more sub domain options soon! ^^
  9. I am just that one individual who casually tries to find free website hosting providers for the fun of it and all that.
  10. I advise to make the site https secure if possible and change the theme to be a little easier to read? ^^"
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