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  1. How to enable PHP Errors Display? (I'm sorry if looking really stupid now, becasue I haven't worked with php before) Fount it.
  2. Hi! When trying again to setup an a boxbilling I'm having an "Internal Server Error". Everything have been installed but it's just don't work! (I use PHP 7.4). I can give more information if needed
  3. Yes. You can, the most part of MOFH resellers are using Freenom domains as I know.
  4. I've missed, .htaccess file is lower that 10kb, but still no progress. I don't know what to do, becasue It's first time for me instaling boxbilling. Only main page is working. Anything else is giving 500 error.
  5. I've reinstalled BoxBilling again from github release. Still I can't access even admin panel.
  6. I've too installed from github, even 2 times, but still 500 error (It's been before i installed from Softcatalous)
  7. I've even instelled it from softcatalous. Still 500 Internal Server Error (I can also say, that like ZeroSSL can't connect it, I'm don't using cloudflare)
  8. I think, it's don't have admin page redirect from like my.domain.domainzone/admin is redirecting to admin panel
  9. I've found, that my .htaccess file just disapear, I've seen that problem becasue of 10KB limit. I don't know how to compress it.
  10. So. I've changed PHP to 7.4 (2 days ago) and, I've still have 500 Error. Also this is what I get. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  11. Hello! When I'm trying to access client area or admin panel it's getting me Error 500. Thanks for listening (Show errors and debug mode is enabled)
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