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  1. Hi, I have a question - what is an alternative of MOFHY-LITE?
  2. Thanks for feedback. With grammar errors - maybe, because Im not native English speaker. Also clientpanel, I will try to use boxbilling as clientpanel (cuz I don't know PHP.) Sign-up is not working on purpose.
  3. There is an list of all +es and -es that I have found. (It may be different from your vision.) Minus: Default Template, create your own site. No enforcing https://, it's really easy to add. Really long domain, it will be unreal to remember. .tk TLD, .tk domain is untrusted by google and many other users. No client panel, for me - every hosting that wants to make administrating website Plus: https://, yea, you have it - but not enforced. Really sad but there is many minuses and I recommend to fix them. It's not hate, just recommendations.
  4. I will try to fix this. (I'm currently using Yandex SMTP.)
  5. V3: Animations and Anti-AdBlock. Hi! New update is live! There is an a changelog: Animations to make website looking cool. Anti-AdBlock, for reasons of income. Frequently Asked Questions, this is temporary before we choose new client panel (or continue with MOFHY Lite.) Added "Powered by IFastNet" in footer. I'm open for feedback.
  6. I haven't understand your question. We use currently coolfreeweb.cf (or something like that) and delune.pp.ua
  7. For Ukrainians there is needed credit card and phone number just to approve that you are not robot. Also domains are activated by the code.
  8. Hi, while accessing client panel I'm getting Problem solved. Problem was in .htaccess that removed .html and .php from all files.
  9. Hello, as you may know, many people says that "You can't get adsense on your reseller site.". But hey! I've got recently it and it was very easy, but slow. So, how to likely get your site approved and other tips. Get Non-Freenom domain. I know that there is not so big amount of free Non-Freenom domains but, for example you can use (Not an advert) pp.ua or other domain zones like that. Get patience. It may be slow or fast, I can't say when your site will be approved. Bro Tip: Upgrade your website while it's on approval or get it to the google, yandex search engine, setup analytics a
  10. Thanks! I'm still working on some things at my hosting. Here's the list if you are interested! Redo Logo Customise Client Panel Make Blog But still, thanks for reply. Have a nice time of day!
  11. Hello. I'm Alexandr (aka Andrew, Ultimate Host). Concept of that hosting was created when I was listening to Clair De Lune at night (Thats from where came name). Our Hosting gives you: 128 Free RAM for your Projects 100 GB Disk Storage 20 GB Bandwidth 6 Parked Domains Limit 6 Addon Domains Limit 6 Sub Domains Limit Free SSL Cert Free Sub Domain coolfreesite.cf Free Sub Domain delune.pp.ua If you have suggestions - please write it here, I will read it. Link to the hosting: https://delune.pp.ua
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