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  1. Hello,

    Yes, I am in process of changing (rebranding both MOFH accounts as well as my paid hosting account). So the mya2cloud.ga is not being promoted any longer and I am about to have MOFH delete that server account once I get my files off of it. My Free Server is the one I am promoting now. I have been with MOFH for 4 years now.

    I run both kinds of servers and do refer clients to MOFH from my own paid hosting and promote iFastnet premium hosting as well. Irefer clients that want free hosting to my MOFH site, which has more resources than the other servers Free plans.

    In Addition, I also run 2 other servers that have both paid and free accounts. One of them is http://www.hostabl.com and another is http://www.myfasthost.com.

    Here is the customized login page for each:




    Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need help implementing this type of login option



    MOFH url is http://myfreeserver.net

    1. MFS Webhosting

      MFS Webhosting

      In case you are interested in using the remote form under your own sites template, here is the code:

      <div align="left">
        <form action="https://cpanel.yourdomain.com/login.php " method="post" name="login" >
        <label for="mod_login_username">Username:<input name="uname" id="mod_login_username" type="text" class="inputbox" alt="username" size="10" /></label><br>
        <label for="mod_login_password">Password :<input type="password" id="mod_login_password" name="passwd" class="inputbox" size="10" alt="password" /></label><br>
        <input type="submit" name="Submit" class="button" value="Login!" />
        <a href="https://cpanel.yourdomain.com/lostpassword.php">Lost your password?</a>

      Stay healthy and safe!

    2. Anyx


      You had mentioned using the port, but here I see you submit them to the login script. Eh, doesn't matter.

      Thank you, and stay healthy and safe as well!

    3. MFS Webhosting

      MFS Webhosting

      So, I use the ports on the whm installation for my vps, which has full root access. That's why I use the api and ports on that server. I have checked and MOFH has the standard ports that the api uses blocked except for port 2087 which is what the reseller panel uses. So the only way to use a remote login for is to POST the user credentials to the /login.php which passes the credentials through the vp login page and then logs you in without having to enter any additional information. Yes, I know it pauses on the login box before logging you in. This is a restriction that MOFH has imposed. 


      At the end of the day you can't expect to have your cake and eat it too. They are giving us valuable disk and bandwidth to host for free. Unfortunately, it does mean we have to get comfortable without certain creature comforts. If you need the additional access I recommend getting a VPS as you would then get full root access and be able to host unlimited cPanels up to your disk and bandwidth limitation. If you would like recommendations then I would be more than happy to give you more information.


      Stay Safe and Healthy!



      Steven Johnson, CEO

      My Free Server


  2. How do I setup a sub-domain email address under free hosting

    1. Anyx


      I don't think that is possible. You can't create an email address for subdomains.

  3. Anyx

    Maybe we should also add VistaPanel customizations to the list of our active projects (footer/signature) !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anyx


      And also mention your new scripts:


    3. Anyx


      Mention them there LOL, so that the topic goes to top of the list again

    4. Aqib
  4. Hey Buddy!

    Had time to look around here. So this is where you all guys hang out with.. :)

    1. Anyx


      Yeah, thats it.

      Glad to see you here :D

    2. Mauwiks


      Yeah, happy to look around and learn more... :)

  5. Do you still have these free hosting templates? Could you sent one to me?

  6. Aqib

    Hi, kindly check discord. I had replied to your messages

  7. Anyx


    you haven't been active Recently on Discord. Did anything happen?

    1. Aqib


      No, nothing happened. I will be back soon on discord. :) 

  8. Anyx

    The Admin is active!!

    1. Aqib


      57 minutes before he was active

  9. Hey Admin and thanks for being active!

    Just a question if you don't mind, have you been informed about the forums problems by iFastNet?

  10. Anyx

    We have a problem with the themes (bug), when I try to login to user's cpanel ( I am a reseller ) the default theme is present.

    1. Aqib


      It can't be possible as because we are loading the code in Control Panel Adverts which is used for any user cpanel. I had tested by signing up on your iFreeNet.tk website and the theme is working fine.

    2. Anyx


      What I mean is that if you use the Connect to eftkn_123456 cpanel (connect to one of your client's cpanel) the code does not load at all.

    3. Aqib


      however, i had created an account on your website and then logged in and it's working. May be because the advert section is not loading.

      It's not a bug or problem of themes but it may be because you logged in as admin and may be adverts don't show to admin's that's why themes file is also not loaded.

  11. New VistaPanel themes coming soon, thanks to @Aqib for his help!

  12. Anyx

    Are you on Discord so that we can chat?

  13. Anyx

    How To Install SSL in free ByetHost hosting:

    1. Enable CloudFlare from vPanel or by going there and changing your nameservers to theirs.
    2. Go to Crypto Section
    3. Select Full SSL since you are on ByetHost
    4. Congratulations! It's Done!
  14. you know how I can put a secure link with ssl on my site I tried more gets giving an error

  15. Anyx

    Can you please tell me how to have a footer in every post as you have saying mahhost?

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