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  1. You're talking about two different things. @Burke Knight is mentioning a restriction on which you'd need to have only iFastNet's premium plans on your website to be able to advertise your MyOwnFreeHost company on the forum, not one where you'd need to host your website with iFastNet. Perhaps such a restriction existed in the past, I'm not aware of any such rule since I've joined, but we can always ask if we want to be 100% sure, either Burke asking the admins, or us asking support.
  2. Is that other domain of yours added as a reseller domain in your MyOwnFreeHost reseller?
  3. Unfortunately disabled for (Senior) Members... Ah, I missed the posts above because I didn't notice the page changed. My apologies.
  4. You may wish to edit your post to remove the image you have posted if you want to, as your email is on display.
  5. Rudolph has been a naughty boy this year... hopefully the Sheriff's wife is still marked to received a present and not on the "deceased" list. Merry Christmas!
  6. A small update: ChippyTech appears to have released the username for GenerateApps (as well as deleted the old repo of Generate/VPClient), so I've reclaimed it, and GenApplications is now https://github.com/GenerateApps once more.
  7. I was unsure on whether I should make a post, I guess that's out of the question now. About 2 days ago, ChippyTech decided to kick me, SpookyKipper and everyone else in the organisation, and hijacked the projects to replace their titles with this message. This isn't the first time he's done this, either; some time ago, he had altered the projects to write "DO NOT USE FORCEPOINT", in response to ForcePoint's false blacklisting of his website, and in the past, to "AI DOES EXIST", "responding" to a joke someone made in our Discord server about how AI isn't real and it's actually a person typing behind a screen. There are additional things that have happened that I don't feel it's my place to mention; you can always enter our Discord community if you're interested in them (it's an English speaking community). I don't know what is going on with his life; unfortunately, these outbursts (and other events) make him unreliable in maintaining projects. We decided to open an organisation at https://github.com/GenApplications https://github.com/GenerateApps to preserve the history of GenerateApps' projects and perhaps continue developing some of them. ChippyTech can decide to continue development on his own if he wishes to.
  8. Désolé de te sollicité @Anyx, mais, si tu a le temps, peut tu tester mon service d'hébergement web ?


    ---trad google---

    Sorry to requested you @Anyx, but, if you have time, can you test my web hosting service ?




    1. Anyx


      I saw your post; sorry for not replying to it earlier.

      Right now I'm a bit pressured on time, but I've added it on my mental to-do list, and hope to do it soon.

    2. luluhoste


      Merci beaucoup 😁!!!

      ---trad google---

      Thank you very much 😁!!!

  9. Bravo @Anyx pour votre badge "11" 👋 🏅 !!!

    Vous êtes le deuxième après @TinkerMan je croie !

    ---trad google---

    Congratulations @Anyx for your "11" badge 👋🏅!!!

    You are the second after @TinkerMan I believe !

    1. Anyx


      I'm late, but thank you!

  10. This is default behavior in MyOwnFreeHost though; the only way to change that would be to remove the domain from the system, and if this was the sign up domain, things can be a bit more complicated (as you are well aware as you are the one that reported them :D). I guess you are mentioning this to highlight that it can be done (as @luluhoste might not know about it) and to recommend using a DNS hosting provider for the domain such as Cloudflare so that subdomains on it won't work even if someone creates them?
  11. An option to add a custom FTP link does not exist at the moment, so if you want to change the link you'll have to modify the relevant file. Doing a GitHub search for "filemanager.ai" (the File Manager's default domain) showed me it is configured in line 173 of the "app/models/Account.php" file, where a method "create_fm_link" is responsible for creating the file manager link: https://github.com/mahtab2003/Xera/blob/dev/app/models/Account.php#L173 Just replace "filemanager.ai" with your own URL, and you should be good to go.
  12. The change is relatively small, in line 227 of file "app\helpers\whois_helper.php" you'll need to replace the curly brace syntax with a bracket syntax, so change this: if(($whoIsRecord != '') && ($whoIsRecord{0} != '#') && ($whoIsRecord{0} != '%')) { to this: if(($whoIsRecord != '') && ($whoIsRecord[0] != '#') && ($whoIsRecord[0] != '%')) {
  13. These should all be solved in the patch I am working on. I have an assignment due Sunday evening and will resume work on it Monday morning; in the meantime I will have a look to see if the changes are small enough to share or if it is a larger PHP 8.2 compatibility issue.
  14. All of the messages shared seem like deprecation issues. I may try to filter them, but I am not very hopeful at the moment. I'll do some testing of my own in the Xera build I am preparing, and hope the issue can be fixed.
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