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  1. PHP mail is not fully supported on Free Hosting.
  2. Nice, I might use this at some point in the future. Thanks for the code!
  3. Cool, glad you figured out how to fix your issues. Still can't wait to see! x)
  4. Agreed, the first one is better. It looks more professional.
  5. I don't know, unfortunately. Nice, I can't wait Will we be able to switch themes in the panel?
  6. It's because of different rendering engine. iPad Mini works on a modified WebKit, while Chrome works on Blink.
  7. You cannot change the 404 page for nonexistent domains, sorry. Only defaults for sites that do exist.
  8. It's a good thing to use templates, but make sure to customise them and make them original.
  9. Use the FTP manager to upload to /htdocs, and you should make the error pages yourself, they don't need any special coding in them x)
  10. It was the owner of said website that contacted me to make this abuse report. I could quote from Discord but it was a few days ago. Also, this is being hosted on ByetHost, as it has a html-5.me subdomain.
  11. Heh, you're welcome. What website do you specifically have in mind, by the way?
  12. You did change the http://linkto404page.com/ to your reseller's URL, right?
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