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  1. Hi Wolfnight23 I registered and its a very good hosting, but why do you limit it to 1gb instead of 5gb like byet usually has? 😃 Should be 5gb like the other ones, and there needs to be some more tutorials on how to setup domains and etc, on the forums. More support in English would have been awesome as well. I will recommend this free hosting to some other people. 😃
  2. Where is the support page? or email?
  3. I don't wanna use myownfreehost any longer. But how do I delete my account? 😃 // Fastniteowl
  4. Hi, I have signed up for a free reseller account, on myownfreehost, I want to create a hosting with that plan. I sent in the request some minutes ago, how long does it take for admin to accept it? I've used byethost before as well, I was one of the first resellers for byethost year 2007. I want to help other people with hosting and gain technology. // Fastniteowl
  5. Hi and Thanks tinkerman, can I post your hosting there? Tinkerhost.com?
  6. My new website is called https://blogster.uk.to/ Its a blogging forum website, you can post your blogs there and get help with all of your wordpress blogs there. Also discuss building websites. If you have your own blog is just to post it there and link it, or ask for themes, what you guys think about my site? =)
  7. It's my pictures, I cannot find those pictures, I had them on my website back then. Chronos: I agree with you :)
  8. I'm honest, it's one of the best, and the regular cpanel is good as well but. I believe vista panel has succedded very much over the years now, its a very good and works in a very awesome way.
  9. Year 2007 I was one of the first ones to get to try the vistapanel, which is one of the best control panels right now for hosting. I got the website netwebhost.org, and flumma.net so I had a free hosting service back then and could experience the service of helping out with free hosting, here is a picture of the vistapanel back then. http://flumma.uk.ms/images/Byethost/vistapanelpreview.png http://flumma.uk.ms/images/Byethost/flumma_site.png http://flumma.uk.ms/images/Byethost/main_logo.bmp My nick back then was blade1941, I had good experience with some good people.
  10. What about the new forums ? I will redesign it to match the main website
  11. I agree with everything, thanks for the suggestions. I now use punbb instead of bbpress, it's more secured. Btw, byethost servers loads very fast
  12. I created my website, https://www.datortech.uk.ms/ Im about to improve it, it will be a hardware site. What do you guys think? Regards Benjamin Kalyun
  13. Death hosting, is this host aimed for the gamers and clans?
  14. This music was good years ago: Long time ago, hiphop artists like Usher, Ne-yo, Puff daddy etc Made very good music, but today the music which is released is worse than back then Somebody need to improve the music industry like it was long time ago, what do byethost think, was the music better back then?
  15. That's what I meant, optional ads on peoples site if they want to themself. and on the mybb or whatever forum software you use, you can put some google adverts. I dont see how its breaking the byet TOS. Right now this is one of the best hosting deals out there, and the new servers are fast and loads in a good way.
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