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  1. Ohhh sorry for not helping @freehost44u, that said that the community could help you solve the problem, I am not always active
  2. Beacuse freenom has marked santy.ga as especial and I dont want to pay for a freenom domain
  3. I have updated the signature all of the santy.ga subdomains now is santy.cf
  4. Hello, my flarum site is finish but any dude I will to PM to you, and abut MOFHY I will to add to my porfile and sign
  5. Ohhh but in MOFHY the reactivation is not automatic, the client nee to open a support ticket, my sistem is ready
  6. Ok, I will to see how to block the reactivation of that account
  7. Hello, I have created my free web hosting with MyOwnFreeHost, when creating my client area I want to know if I can allow the user to create more accounts even if they have for example 2 active and one suspended (the limit will always be 3 active accounts)
  8. Now I have updated my version of MOFHY Lite to the last versiĆ³n of the original code (https://github.com/santydesignscr/MOFHY-Lite-Multi-Language)
  9. and yourfreeads.tk no longer exists because the script was stopped supporting it and I was overloading the server
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