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  1. In fact the email send function in free plans are limited for registration approval, but also limited to some of the most famous php script, such as, Wordpress, Joomla ... To use this feature completely, along with pop, smtp services, you must upgrade your account.
  2. Recently they changed the theme cpanel to the advertised one. Okay, I found him handsome, elegant, responsive. But this bugged, does not load right the list of options (domains, database, files). I wonder if there's any way to go back to the old one?
  3. This, by upgrading to a paid plan, the hit limit is increased.
  4. I liked the suggestions, even more of 2 and 3. A more modern site builder would be great, such as Zyro Builder (which is authored by Hostinger). Another suggestion was to renew the SSL that already comes configured, because when accessing the site with https: // the browser accused with deceptive site, and this is not good. If they did not renew, they could deactivate. And "PixelHost," I liked your site template, if you can just take a look at mine and say what you think. Billions Hosting http://billions.ga
  5. At first, your primary site should be "suspended" for exceeding the daily limits of 50,000 hits. Do not worry, your site will resume the next day
  6. Are you intending to leave your multi-language site? For several users or only for region specifics? On my site, it currently offers 2 languages: The Brazilian Portuguese, which is what I use and speak, and English from the United States. I will soon offer French. my website **censored, no advertising of 'competing' services here please.
  7. True, when using cloudflare, when creating subdomains, you must access the Cloudflare account and set the subdomain created in the DNS settings.
  8. Another alternative would be to delete the subdomain and recreate it
  9. You should note, in addition to what the user "SpeedyNet" mentioned, that when creating a sub-domain, there may be a time delay of up to 48 hours for the DNS propagation to be completed, that is, it may only be temporary the error, soon Your sub-domain will start working. Another alternative would be to delete the subdomain and recreate it It happens to me sometimes.
  10. I am creating some logos for my web site hosting. I wanted to know what you think about some of these two below. A with black letters is the current one, and the one with red letters is new. My website hosting is www.billions.ga Sorry for my english I'm using a translator
  11. This problem occurs to me, only when I access the cpanel by a mobile device
  12. This happens because the "cPanel" used in the MOFH service, and a mixture of VistaPanel, created by themselves, with "cPanel". Formerly the main panel, it was this VistaPanel, but disabled and now only available cPanel, with that, there are some bugs, which collide one version with the other. As is the case here.
  13. It is only allowed to create an email, in case you have a registered domain (both paid and free). For domains of grace, I suggest Freenom. Meet Billions Hosting - Up to 50 Gb of space www.billions.ga
  14. On your host, how were you able to make it so that higher plans had ads?

    1. dlucas


      On my website "Billions Hosting", I use three plans, all free, but with different features. The basic plan, which is for beginners, does not contain advertisements; The intermediate plan (Standard) that is for beginners-medium, that contains ads; And the advanced plan (Extreme) that is for beginners-demanding.
      All have been divided for all domains (free subdomains for registration), in the creation of the plans there is the option to activate the ads. In the case of the last two I activated.
      But I use the tactic, if I choose the basic plan and it exceeds the proposed limits, it will be notified and will result in the inclusion of the site. High demand will cause the project to be deactivated until the next day.

    2. Dog2puppy


      Cool! I'm surprised I didn't see the ads option when I was in the package settings.

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