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  1. Even if it just for resellers, i do understand that, but, surely enough for a user to run a working wordpress site atleast?
  2. Your template is very nice, to expand on the SSL issue, it is because it has no start or end date (*), self signed and is a sha-1 certificate which is not used since Google has reported issues with it
  3. 1) Security Would it be possible to add a section to the re-sellers panel etc. to allow for users to put Certificates on the FTP Server, cpanel.<domain>.<tld> and order.<domain>.<tld> as this would enhance user safety and make resellers' websites safer for users and resellers themselves. Would it be possible to also add support for RSA 4096 Certificates/Private Keys and ability to add CA Bundles; as some software/web management systems block websites with SSL Certs but no CA Bundle, possibly add safer internet features like this for 'customers' but you may not need
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