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  1. How did you change the images with your cPanel theme?

  2. How do you make the skins/themes?

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    2. einet


      If x2hosting is the main one, it is configured as an additional sub-domain because some users do not have their own domain or have no experience of registering one and can add the subdomain as some students are and use it for their personal projects almost always register sub -domains but is at user's preference

    3. abbagana


      hello brother  i try to register but i can't please can you help me register it my email address is abbagana79@gmail.con password as: 77456521 thanks please dont ignor my message if in need of any information let me know as host reseller

    4. einet


      hello @abbagana What server or website do you try to sign up for? To help you in x2hosting and excuse the delay in responding here was that I had not given me the opportunity to enter today

  3. On your host, how were you able to make it so that higher plans had ads?

    1. dlucas


      On my website "Billions Hosting", I use three plans, all free, but with different features. The basic plan, which is for beginners, does not contain advertisements; The intermediate plan (Standard) that is for beginners-medium, that contains ads; And the advanced plan (Extreme) that is for beginners-demanding.
      All have been divided for all domains (free subdomains for registration), in the creation of the plans there is the option to activate the ads. In the case of the last two I activated.
      But I use the tactic, if I choose the basic plan and it exceeds the proposed limits, it will be notified and will result in the inclusion of the site. High demand will cause the project to be deactivated until the next day.

    2. Dog2puppy


      Cool! I'm surprised I didn't see the ads option when I was in the package settings.

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