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  1. Hi there, it works good with CNAME, because CNAME is checked via DNS, not looking through the page
  2. Hi there, Sorry for such a delay, your mail was in spam folder, unfortunately. We are not planning to publish our API, because it is closed reseller program. The reply has now been sent. Thanks!
  3. Byethost uses anti-bot system for their sites, so HTTP method does not work for free hosting users. It is not our limitation, this method will not work for any free or paid SSL certificates.
  4. Hi there, If there is no opportunity to add CNAME, there is the only way to get a certificate, using Mail Method
  5. Hi there, Unfortunately there is no really way to set TXT records on free hosting. Even using the Cloudflare you cannot set custom DNS servers, as they send you to the Byet panel. --- Best wishes, Hostronavt Team, Free hosting #1 in Russia.
  6. My clients have the same problem. Can you comment @mike?
  7. Hi! Of course, you can renew it every 90 days for free. Thanks @WeHostYou360
  8. Hi @Dog2puppy We provide API for any resellers ready somehow to resell our product for absolutely free. PHP library available. Please apply at info@freessl.space.
  9. Hi there, Not a long time ago we have presented Free SSL Space, which gives you a great opportunity to get free SSL certificates for 90 days for absolutely free! Reminding some features of it: Express 5 min issuance www and non-www Free static SiteSeal Free unlimited server licensing Free unlimited reissues IDN support 10,000$ warranty by GoGetSSL 99.9% support of all devices (more than Let's Encrypt!) Now we have a major update, we have something new for you 99,9% supported devices instead of 99,6% Now you do not have t
  10. It is secure, but not trusted by browsers. It is the point of self signed certificates.
  11. iFastNet sets his self-signed certificate automatically if nothing is set in vPanel. You do not have to do anything
  12. Hello @vnzlahost It is not possible right now, you can only do this for your own site for example using my service freessl.space and recommend it to other clients. Only self signed SSL certificates are activated instantly
  13. Hi there, There is no such a chance unfortunately. There are only self-signed certificates activated automatically. The only idea is to make some recommendations how to get free SSL for clients - for example freessl.space works. Check out my topic.
  14. On Free SSL Space you have something like this: subdomain.yourdomain.org CNAME something Source is subdomain, and destination is the big domain after CNAME (something)
  15. If your use free hosting services, there is a CNAME records section in VistaPanel
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