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  1. I tried to use freessl.space to generate SSL origin cerfs for devhubcentral.ml (DNS and CDN managed by Cloudflare), but I am experiencing this issue. Why and how?
  2. The issue was resolved. Will be closing the thread soon,
  3. Is there are any mobile-friendly website templates that can be use to my homepages? If there is no templates for me to use it, did I need to manually write them by hand?
  4. As of 6:44 PM in Philippine Standard Time from isitup.org, wikihosting.gq seems to be down. I want to remove it from my reseller domains and add it again to make sure everything is up. Any help?
  5. What should i do if Cloudflare doesn't detect esseitnal subdomains like cpanel.* and order.*?
  6. So, that means I need to know free hosting reseller NS IP addresses before switching to Cloudflare?
  7. So, I need to update nameservers while maintaining both ns1.byet.org, ns2.byet.org and ns3.byet.org? Or, removing them and use Cloudflare DNS instead?
  8. Hi, I'm asking if you have any plans to support TXT records in the future. If yes, when and what is the roadmap for this? Regards, Andrei Jiroh
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