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  1. Tested & it seems to work, however, sometimes it has issues generating SSL's.
  2. Nice thread. I featured it to get more exposure.
  3. Enable PHP errors display and maybe that'll give you some insight into the issue.
  4. Also, since you are using a nulled installation of WHMCS, your hosting account will be suspended
  5. Have you changed your nameservers?
  6. I suggest you generate a 2048 bit SSL certificate. 4096 bit certificates aren't functional on free hosting.
  7. Hiya, Crypter! It looks like you're still using one of the free templates. If you want to have more success with your reseller website, I'd suggest you use/create something custom to your brand - that might help you rank better since less sites have the same look and it might be more attractive towards newcomers. As for tips, try to be active on various platforms, be helpful and maybe try targeting people that have small businesses and whatnot. They might be interested in creating an online presence and you can offer them the needed resources.
  8. I may be late but it works fine on my end.
  9. Marketing emails are sent at random intervals.
  10. There's some threads & tutorials on how to get rid of that suffix. Go around the forum and you'll find them.
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