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  1. You might get someone to do that if you offer money. where in the install are you stuck? What have you tried? Did you turn on error messages?
  2. @Saurav Phuyal - You can create a pull request in GitHub with these changes so the issue does not effect others in te future
  3. Turn on error messages in the control panel and get an actual error message.
  4. Check the directory, does the file actually exist? Try re-uploading it, does that do anything?
  5. Free hosting does not support cron jobs. Upgrade to premium if you need that feature.
  6. What currency? You are bats*** crazy if you spent 100k USD on a laptop.
  7. WDYM? Also, why wake up an old topic? Can a mod move these to a new one
  8. That’s 100% your problem. Download a new copy of the files from GitHub and set the appropriate parameters
  9. That’s not the same password that is used for the Admin panel, they are different. You can’t reset the admin panel password unless you are logged into the admin panel.
  10. Make sure you don’t have caps lock on, changed keyboard layout, etc. try a different device and see if that changes anything. If not, please contact iFastNet support, nobody here can help you with that.
  11. No, that’s not anything’s new, it’s been around for years. Using a custom domain with Cloudflare is a bypass.
  12. Based on a very quick glance at the docs, it looks like it should work here. Are you having problems with it?
  13. Well that’s vague. You can resolve it by fixing it. More detailed question = more detailed answer
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