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  1. Check out the amazing project Hustal!

  2. Ah! I forgot that the panel can do that. I was using a third party, probably why I got the error. Info about getting the users domain can be found here: api.myownfreehost.net/#get-a-user-39-s-domains I will try to figure out how to extract the hosting volume for the accounts. I may get a chance to install today (Crossing Fingers)! Can’t wait!
  3. I would love you help you out! ERRORS/THINGS TO ADD (ADVICE) Replace the "Defined in cPannel" text with the actual info. I believe that you can extract the hosting-volume from the directory. (postimg.cc/rDzfk40T) A "Domains" section in the Client Area (Similar to what InfinityFree has) (postimg.cc/KRytvM1L) When a user has a short name, the option screen is pushed off the edge to the screen (postimg.cc/SjqVK32D) Getting an SSL cert is a bit weird, since you will have to go off-site to get a CSR (Maybe remove that screen and just ask for info instead?)
  4. So where does the private key come from than since it has to match the certificate?
  5. I copied the "certificate" code into the "Certificate" spot in the control panel, leaving the CSR and Private field blank. Chrome return "NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID"
  6. How would I go abut doing that? (Sorry, but I am more HTML, CSS, PHP. I don't really know JS)
  7. How would I go about removing icons and sections from the VistaPanel? For example, the Softaculous installer is in two spots, and webmail and the website builder is not longer supported. Check out the screenshot linked to see what I mean. Thanks! Screenshot: postimg.cc/hzYR05M6
  8. Actually, I was logging in by connecting to a clients account through the MOFH control panel. If I login normally it works fine.
  9. Checked out flexhost.ga again, and here is what I got. SSL: 1. Can you also make an CSR generator (I don't know if this is possible or not actually)? So the user would be told to enter the necessary info, than the CNAME screen is shown immediately afterwards. 2. I feel that a "Get SSL" button should be added to the right of the "Edit Settings", so there will be four in total. 3. SSL returns this error: The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name jojo.flexhost.ga (GoGetSSL RSA DV CA was seen) . And I don't think CA certificate chains are supported on free hos
  10. Copied code into the Header and Footer advertisement box, however the code is not showing up even after 24 hours. I even just put "<p>Ad Here</p>" in the left and right box, but that is now showing up either (Either visibly or in the source code). I did successfully change the image from "panel.myownfreehost.net/panel/index2.php?option=branding_login" though. Should I ask support.ifastnet.com about what is going on?
  11. Ah, I'll try to make it more clear. The account I created at flexhost did not send an email verification, so I have no way to test the account. The email is something like “bozobricks@icloud.com”. Can you re-send the verification email? I did not have time to test tonight, but I should be able to within 72 hours. Got lots of other work to do!
  12. Was going to check out the account, but I get the "Email Validate" error. I haven't however, gotten an email. The email address used was bozobricks@icloud.com (Or bozosbricks@icloud.com, its something like that). On second thought, just delete that account and I will create a new one so I can see it like a new user would. Oh, and its iFastNet 😂 "Policy" is also spelled wrong in the footer postimg.cc/K491kpvn
  13. Will do! I'll check that in a few hours (2?) that hopefully install it myself later tonight.
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