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  1. Done! Thanks so much! Done Ok im sorry il add a text redirecting to ifastnet Also im sorry for being offline and inactive, i was busy with real life stuff lol
  2. I did put allot of times links that go to ifastnet's website, so I did included but secretly in a way that nobody will realize that its powered by MOFH/iFastNet
  3. I got the number 380 from softaculous's website but sure il change it
  4. idk if its me but i cant see it anywhere! i see <footer id="ffffff" class="text-center text-lg-start bg-light text-muted"> While the storage limit is, indeed, corrected, I believe the "large files" part may be misleading, given that there is a 10MB size limit, so "large files" by definition cannot work. Sorry my bad! I didn't know that, I changed it! Didn't work! Thanks for mentioning that! I changed it.
  5. Yea ik i accidentaly deleted the database! I CANT! IVE TRIED EVERYTHING How can I do that? Wdym its not compatible? What does cloudflare break? I didn't know that 😮 Thanks!
  6. Yea ik but i cant send emails! I can only receive
  7. 1st I do have SSL using cloudflare! I had it disabled for a while cause something broke 2nd Sorry for the buttons! I had the script removed cause I was going to remove then but then i forgot well, to remove them 3rd I tried everything! I cant make it centered! 4th I cant afford email services! 5th + 6th + 7th My bad! Thanks for correcting it! 8th Fixed! 9th Sorry IDK how to center it correctly! I think its bootstrap 10 Yea ik il change it 11 oh..
  8. Ok done! I added premium on the navbar, added footer and added in it the TOS and Privacy Policy! I also added the navbar to the login page! Tho can you help me, I cant figure out how to make the signup page centered + I cant find the login code anywhere
  9. Thanks man! Il try right now to fix all of those problems Oh and also it says "Time Travel" on the login page cause it seemed like direct admin's login page (cause the login page was inspired by direct admin)
  10. I invite you to.. novus is a free hosting service (like 99% of the hosters here) with well nothing in special than a home page that took me almost an hour to make using bootstrap and js! You can check out novus at https://novushost.ml and tell me what do you think about it! You can also join our discord server (https://discord.gg/tyyqfGrh9c)! (not fully done yet) Well thats all!
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