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  1. Why isn't this close? And also why are you looking for a semi-functional client area instead of fully functional one?
  2. Sorry, it took a while to respond and uh.. Oh yea, it is not removed, but instead it is added as a feature that could be toggled on/off. https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/wiki/Upgrade-Guide-(v2.1)
  3. I can't check it.. it says ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on my end. However other cPanels are working just fine.
  4. Can I get the link to the repo if any and the Discord? I can't seem to find it in his recent post (by title)
  5. v2.1.0 has been released and is available here: https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/releases/tag/v2.1.0 Added the option to disable the signup with a custom domain in such a way so that you do not need to flush the asset cache (JavaScript)
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure as I never used Xera before. You'll need to check how Xera works and determine if it is compatible with WordPress or not.
  7. Yes, unfortunately, the options we have are quite limited. However here we have a community that is bringing new and creative ideas to the table and making a lot of things to improve this limited system.
  8. Project LOGGED can be installed alongside WordPress*, in case you are planning to use a regular signup form instead of a client area. *supposedly
  9. The signup form for MyOwnFreeHost must be located at /signup.php which may or may not work with WordPress.
  10. Such an option is not available from the Reseller Control Panel. You cannot add/remove/modify any system files here. You do not have root access. If you want to "replace" the FTP, you can do so by hosting an instance of Web FTP that you want to use on a separate server and writing JS code to take the user there instead. So you can remove the default FTP link and add your FTP system link instead. That way you technically have "completely replaced" the FTP system,
  11. All have the same functionality and will give you a free SSL certificate, however, the first link, https://ssl.pichisdns.com/ is easier in my opinion, as the other ones have the incentives to upsell you. Choose the "Free SSL from LetsEncrypt" which will take you here https://ssl.pichisdns.com/le/. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT AND I CANNOT GUARANTEE THE SECURITY OR SAFETY OF PICHIDINS. I'm not sure if PICHIDNS will hold leverage over your SSL certificate if you use this site. That said, there exists https://www.sslforfree.com/ which is been around for a long time and is what I use for my website's SSL certificate. I believe this is more trustworthy and is what should be used here.
  12. You can add a custom script that injects the custom FTP that you wanted. Just make sure it can be authenticated using HTTP parameters only. This is what you'll need, with some other Javascript to take the account ID and password. Some creativity needed. https://github.com/WybeNetwork/VistaPanel-Customizations/tree/master/element-changer
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