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  1. Psst, this code itself is insecure! You need to have some degree of knowledge in PHP before attempting to make a client area on your own. Yes, but there's still major problem left unfixed such as this one https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues/60 (at the time of writing this has been 7 days and this is easy fix as well....). It is recommended to use MOFHY instead of making your own to save yourself from the hassle. Just be aware and check for issues often (and update as well).
  2. For the bug reports 😅 (this sounded like I introduced the bugs xD)
  3. Go to phpMyAdmin -> Select the database and table you want -> Go to Structures -> Change the type -> Save
  4. Well, I've proposed a solution. It requires another database tables though but it's not that hard to create one.
  5. Yep, it would no longer work. This is also a good idea.
  6. Just in case it is missed, I've filed another issue on the original repository: https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues/60 Not much needed to be changed but this is also a bad idea. Using a fixed/same string/token as a "remember me" token is a super duper bad idea because not only is the string short, it is fixed. That means unchanging for a long time (or even forever) and brute force can still be performed. The correct way is to use a longer token that expires after a certain time. This way even though a brute-force is launched, it will be useless because the token w
  7. Yikes, this would be bad..... Hopefully it can be fixed/has been fixed.
  8. Thank you. Yes I was quite busy for a while and didn't get the chance to be active here. Now I'm back and would like to revive my old hosting. This time with a client area (LOGGED v3) Can't wait to join you all
  9. SOLID! Nice Client Area with Forums and Docs. You're ready to take the stage!
  10. Dear Friends, Major critical security vulnerabilities has been discovered on MOFHY, including Project HUTSAL, and any other project that expands on them. Please monitor the issues on https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues for more details. (SEE CLOSED ISSUES AS WELL, SOME ARE INCORRECTLY COSED). https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues/52 https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues/53 https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues/54 https://github.com/NXTS-Developers/MOFHY-Lite/issues/55 It is not a good idea to us
  11. Hello! Important Announcement for Everyone using Project LOGGED v1.8 There's an issue that went under the radar for a while. That is that the script would not work properly if hosted on MOFH server. Unfortunately I don't pickup on this as I used my own server for the testing. The issue is now fixed with the release of v1.8.1. Kindly update your Project LOGGED files if you're hosting it on MOFH servers. The new release can be found on GitHub (https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/releases). Only external signups are affected by this issue. Thank you for using Project L
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