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  1. I have perform some changes in layout, btw thanks for your valuable support and review. @User51 can you suggest me some good client area script for MOFH.
  2. I'm Using only a tamplate not copying anyone. By the way thanks for review.
  3. Hii , @MeTooIDKThanks for Your feedback ☺️. CliendArea is Now active.
  4. @lucaspumarinthanks for you kind review 🙂, Actually this site is under construction, I will resolve the login page as soon as possible. I will inform you when it's done to review ☺️.
  5. Hi, I'm the owner of PheonixFree, a free web hosting provider which uses the MyOwnFreeHost API. Homepage / Main Page: https://pheonixfree.com. Client Area / Management Area: https://app.pheonixfree.com Register / Signup: https://app.pheonixfree.com/signup.php Login Address: https://app.pheonixfree.com/login.php. Feel free to leave your feedback!
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