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  1. Please Add Another Theme And I Hope Can Add Back x3 And VistaPanel Theme
  2. OMG THANK YOU!ITS WORKED FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. uh,zip file is 5.6 MB. zip inside file is 8.37 MB
  4. I DONT KNOW WHY I CANT EXTRACT ZIP On FTP someone can help me? when i click extract button,it show nothing.just a loading picture Video URL: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/802034361331220513/809331769580978236/2021_02_11_15_54_47_275.mp4
  5. iFastNet Captcha is too old how to change to reCaptcha
  6. i trying to install that,but HTTP ERROR 500 How To Fix It,i has follow the wiki but same HTTP ERROR 500 php version is 7.4 And My English little bad... If You Can Please DM Me On Discord or reply this DC: MeTooIDK #˙7909 If You Hate this topic,im sorry about it because im noob?yes?maybe
  7. i want intsall better theme on cPanel because i think paperlantern is ugly someone can tell me how to install? using FTP?or anything? i really like cPanel x3 theme, how to install
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