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  1. With $productID = array(value1, value2); it's possible I think I'll test on my side
  2. The changes you have sent have been put on the script and published as an update on the github.
  3. Hello, Indeed the button does not display correctly on some template it will be corrected at the next update if you have other bugs or suggestions do not hesitate to let me know
  4. Hello, My suggestion is this: to be able to put news like cPanel.
  5. Oh what a pity it's convenient though...
  6. Hello, Do you know if it is possible to use the API to automatically install an app like Wordpress, Joomla etc. when creating an account? Thank you in advance
  7. Use the installssl API and addzonerecord to automate the installation of a SSL certificate as GotGetSSL installssl will be used to install the generated certificate and addzonerecord to add a CNAME record.
  8. Hello, please contact ifasnet support so they can reset your password https://support.ifastnet.com Best regards
  9. I have better than that there is GotGetSSL which has a free offer and it has a WHMCS module^^
  10. The answer of the support : Hi there, lithg.com. 172800 IN NS dina.ns.cloudflare.com. lithg.com. 172800 IN NS doug.ns.cloudflare.com. Domain is using cloudflare, you cant use cloudflare on a myownfreehost domain, change your domain to : ns1.byet.org ns2.byet.org Name servers to fix that. Thank you and stay safe ! Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Best Regards then mofh is incompatible with cloudflare not practical for SSL.......
  11. Here's a script that avoids having error messages (like Array for example) on WHMCS and having to do a very thorough configuration to use it. It's 100% compatible with WHMCS and it's very easy to install and configure. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/MS-DOS2/mofh-server-module Don't hesitate to tell me what you think!
  12. it's done unfortunately it's always the same it's also done with other sub-domain.......
  13. Of course it's http://test.lithg.com/ which remains blocked on 404 not found
  14. Hello, when I create a hebergment the site is created but when I go on it it stays blocked on 404 not found then I go in the file manager I put a file index.html but it doesn't work and whatever I put it stays blocked on 404 not found. do you know where the problem is? thank you in advance
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