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  1. Good evening, In general you have to wait 24 hours after the request. Did you check in the spam? If not, please open a ticket: https://support.ifastnet.com/
  2. So by connecting not to the API but to the panel directly, making a kind of bot is possible and you can have the unique identifier by doing a search with the domain. You can use the link: http://panel.myownfreehost.net/panel/index2.php?option=drilldowndom&domain_name=DOMAIN then search in the HTML code received the identifier to access the page of the username: http://panel.myownfreehost.net/panel/index2.php?option=drilldown&username=USERNAME and finally with a POST fill in the reason for the suspension and suspend the account is largely feasible.
  3. Why python ? In PHP it is largely possible and easier with CURL.
  4. Oh but wait while reviewing my script I saw I was using urlencode() for the username and reason in the URL maybe this is a solution
  5. If it works if the customers create the accounts via the API and not the form the two usernames work if I take example of my WHMCS modules they use the identifier generated by this one during the creation of the account and not the complete one.
  6. Very strange I confess I never tested to use the api on a free hosting I would not be able to say if it is the cause.
  7. Be careful the accounts suspended by the anti abuse blocks the possibility to remove the suspension of the account it is better to explicitly indicate the suspension of the account with the API try to retrieve the response with print_r otherwise use the JSON version of the API or try to parse it based on my script there are different ways to solve your problem
  8. Hello, Myownfreehost contains a JSON and XML API you can use the one in JSON if you can't do it moreover it's not necessary to know the IP address you put panel.myownfreehost.net:2087 in host and the user's domain. I made a WHMCS script where you can see an example of how to use the API and the call to the suspend script that can help you. https://github.com/MS-DOS2/mofh-server-module/blob/main/myownfreehost/myownfreehost.php
  9. Hello, On my side it works to try to empty your DNS cache with the command ipconfig /flushdns in the CMD or to change DNS servers otherwise to wait the time that the DNS servers of your operator are updated.
  10. Hello, It seems to be a problem on the ifastnet side with the name servers being correctly set. Please contact ifastnet support: https://support.ifastnet.com
  11. The support answered me: Your support ticket has been updated, please log into your support account (or control panel) where you created the ticket to see a full ticket log -------------------------------byethost.com replied--------------------------- Hi there, Bandwidth limit is per month.... when you go over the limit, you can wait until the start of the month when your bandwidth limit usage is reset to 0 or ... if you need more bandwidth to get it back online now...please upgrade to an Ultimate premium account, which provides Unlimited bandwidth.
  12. Hello, I have a question concerning the annual offer of the premium hosting of ifastnet the bandwidth is renewed every month or annually?
  13. Hello, What error do you encounter?
  14. Hello, Yes it's normal I did not renew the certificate but it's just to show that it works
  15. Did you specify the IPs of the name servers if namecheap asked you?
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