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  1. Simply put your cloudflare email in the vistapanel and follow along!
  2. Very few people made use of it anyways and most signup pages didn't even have it at all in the first place, It makes sense and it got deprecated now.
  3. Daily hits is how many times someone sends a request to the server while Inodes you can say are folders means how many directories/sub-directories you can have. The Daily hits resets every day, If you manage to hit that limit your account will be suspended for 24hrs and then it'll be unsuspended. If you want to not have the hits limit, then you can upgrade to a Pro plan. If you make a proper system you can profit off this though I wouldn't really recommend your main goal be to profit off a free reseller.
  4. Thank you for still keeping this updated, Keep up the good work!
  5. I completely understand your prospective and your way of looking at it but as for the points you've made, 1) As said in my post anyone can learn php and do little modifications to the backend and it should 100% work with MFOH again and 2) for small hosts $16/m might be a lot of money but for people who are determined at making the best out of like like infinityfree and stuff the profits would be higher than cost of whmcs itself although yes for small starters WHMCS is a very bad option and that's something I'm sure many people would agree with it's just not something small free hosts should be
  6. HTML & CSS won't cut it if he wants to make it work with MFOH so yeah I 100% agree with you on that part he'll have to have a good knowledge of php, oo-php, composer and Js. I think the MOFH API from InfinityFree is a very generous thing on their part and definitely will make life easier for anyone who's doing it. In this case @NamVr You're rly looking for an adventurous journey if you really want to make your own custom clientarea. Now something I would rly like to note here which I think many people have overlooked and are overlooking at here is how good WHMCS really can be when you j
  7. Hi, I've been using Arc for about a little over 3months now and I can 100% say that It's completely legit and backed up by companies like Mozilla (listed on their site already), As for the payout it's not much for sites that have low traffic like 10 to 20 visitors everyday. Earnings are counts on the basis of the session time of a visitor so yeah you rly have to have most features built-in to your site itself as it won't work on the cpanel (this i'm not sure but it never worked for me but do let me know if it works for you). Now if you need any help the staff team is THE BEST like it's on
  8. Hi, Recently on the cpanel it shows that Email feature has been deprecated and to upgrade to email but I've gotten no info about this from MOFH about this is it just me or everyone getting this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. You're gonna need a clientarea if you're looking for something like that. Thankfully the Infinityfree API is completely free for anyone to use. You can take a look at it https://github.com/InfinityFreeHosting/mofh-client but if you don't know much coding or anything about coding then you're better off getting WHMCS. or just use Project LOGGED thanks to @PlanetCloud it's free and open source too here's the link: https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged
  10. Very cool, Keep up the good work and thanks for making this all open-source!
  11. ahh I see, welp I think i just need to see in which variable the values are stored once i find the value it can easily be displayed then.
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