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  1. Hi what happened here actually? I actually started learning php these days to start a custom client for me, however, I don't know JS
  2. Okay no issues. Anyway it seems useless to me, so I am uninstalling WHMCS. Anyway I will make my own custom client area for that. Also waiting for Project Burger if it is going to be done soon.
  3. How did you tried? Nulled version? Anyway can you help me?
  4. Hello All! I really understand and I have already provided my consent that it is ONLY FOR TESTING PURPOSES. I already said that I am going to buy a license: I really understand that it is not good for use, but it is just for testing purposes, and also I have not made my hosting publicly available till now. It's common sense if I had to use WHMCS without license, I could have already provided it for public use. #2 I have no signature like everyone's here, just putting their links to their hosting. I have not done that too. #3 I have 3-4 accounts only t
  5. Hello everyone, Yes I confirmed with my friend that I am not using a legit version BUT I am sure I am going to buy a license only if it works according to me. Once I do all the configuration and myself try up one test account from scratch, I think there is no use to buy WHMCS, then it will be a waste of money. Also MOFH article is outdated and it doesn't work anymore with 7+ versions. I really appreciate your interest in this forum topic.
  6. I am literally confused. I have two domains: HIDED for security reasons Currently I have many of the projects shuffled, so website may be unstable.
  7. Well will you tell me how these projects works? @Dimitris
  8. Ohk so what exactly I should do right now? I am curious to know
  9. Aah! Composer is something new to me. I am good in website designing but never worked with composer. Can anyone else can help me a little bit more to get started?
  10. And can I make a client area with it too? Also it will integrate with MOFH?
  11. Where's that scracth? I am ready to code. Please describe what environment is needed, which languages and all to get started. @Dimitris
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