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  1. Most probably you have to use tls. You can test your SMTP settings using SMTP checker.(I recommend to check using https://pingability.com/smtptest.jsp )
  2. You need to remove all byet.org nameservers and then add cloudflare nameservers. (Remember that you should NOT add site to cloudflare if it is registered as mofh reseller)
  3. Yes, just delete your site from cloudflare and then add through nameservers method.
  4. I just installed hustal on my website and this is what I found: I tried to register order.mydomain.tld and guess what? It got registered! The account was created and I couldn't believe it... I again tried registering order.mydomain.tld with the same account and it got registered again... At first I thought the script is showing false hosting accounts but when I checked mofh panel, I found this: I still don't understand what's happening. But I tried same with InfinityFree and the problem is not there... So I guess the problem is with domain checker.
  5. The vPanel is highly cached... You should try logging in another browser or in incognito mode to see the changes.
  6. That's not true... I had adsense on .CF domain name.
  7. In cloudflare>your account>ssl/tls>overview, select Flexible. That should solve the problem.
  8. Works fine on my end... I guess the problem is resolved.
  9. This needs more work. In client area it won't show username or password of the hosting. Netiher do control panel / file manager button work. And thanks for contributing to the community.
  10. InfinityFree has written about it: https://forum.infinityfree.net/t/getting-ssl-certificates-from-sslforfree-com-or-zerossl-com/49320
  11. No. It's certs don't work with free hosting.
  12. InfinityFree didn't prevent it. If websites hosted on InfinityFree are inactive for 30, that websites are suspended. And here inactive means getting less that 5 visits in 30 days.
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