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  1. @NabeelThanks for the suggestion. Will do that soon.
  2. You can use https://github.com/InfinityFreeHosting/mofh-client to make your own client area. Good Luck with your project.
  3. I've replaced .hstn.ga to .dpro.gq Is it OK now?!!
  4. Ok I will try to... But currently I'm a bit busy.
  5. I have added link to ifastnet from my homepage navigation. Is it okay now or Do I have to change anything else?
  6. The website is still under construction. Thanks for the information, I will add that soon.
  7. Hello Everyboy, I made a hosting website: http://prohostin.ga/ Visit my Website and tell me if I am missing something.
  8. I contacted Support and they said some keywords from my tos.html had triggered system abuse filter detectors. Every thing is sorted now. Thanks to you and ifasnet support.
  9. Hello All. While I was customizing my reseller webstite, suddenly filemanager.ai showed me error message saying "FTP AUTHENTICATION FAILED". When I opened my cpanel, this is what I saw: I don't know what's wrong. Can anybody tell me why did my account get suspended how do I get my account back. I had 2 websites hosted on ProFreeHost also (In which one was total blank. I had not uploaded anything to that website.) they too got suspended at same time.
  10. Hey, I recently signed up for reseller hosting and I don't like template of my website. I have bought other template but I don't know how to exactly change the template without any error and also I want custom sign in/ sign up (Client area) page like infinityfree and profreehost have. How can I do that?
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