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  1. The script you are using is a old forked script from @einet who is author of Einet-Anake-MOFH and there may be some errors in this script. @einet have stopped support for the script and no longer share the script. But you can still request them for the script.
  2. I don't think so. To be a reseller you have to change your nameservers to mofh servers. But you can register free domain from freenom.com and use it with mofh.
  3. You will recieve the mail within 24 hours of registering... Have some patience.
  4. Since the filename starts with "." It is usually hidden. You have to change your settings and enable show hidden files and you'll be able to see the file(s).
  5. Contact support at support.ifastnet.com and they will help you.
  6. That's what you are missing... There is a htaccess in main folder. https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged/blob/master/.htaccess
  7. He contacted me and the issue is solved...
  8. I didn't know that stuff. I thought It would help him, so I shared... Thanks for the information.
  9. That error is usually caused when htaccess is not configured properly.
  10. As far as I know, It won't effect site functionality... That problem would be caused if we change our nameservers to cloudflare nameservers. But we can use cloudflare from our cpanel without changing nameservers. That way our DNS controls remain with mofh while we get security from Cloudflare.
  11. As I said, those are free domain names and can be registered and released. And after they are released, they can be registered by someone else as if they were never registered.
  12. That certificate will work only for main domain and you won't get ssl for your cpanel. To get ssl on cpanel you don't have to do anything but wait. SSL will be automatically generated for your cpanel and If you don't want to wait, you can connect your website to cloudflare from your cpanel and you'll get ssl for your subdomains I think. I think that should solve your problem.
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