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  1. Yeah I see that they are more active now.
  2. Inodes mean no. of files/folders you have hosted on your account. So, removing inodes means removing files/folders from your account. If there are any useless files on the software you are using, you can delete them. Otherwise I don't think you can do anything else.
  3. Check out this topic: Or you can get free domain from https://nic.eu.org or https://freedns.afraid.org
  4. Infinityfree is already doing that. On infinityfree 3 active accounts are allowed means if you have 3 account and 1 of them is suspended, you can create 1 more account but after you create another account, you cannot reactivate previous account.
  5. I don't think it will work on free hosting. Free hosting websites can't receive post data from external websites.
  6. InfinityFree is same as this hosting. So, creating account on InfinityFree won't help.
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