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  1. I have used a free host called https://ultifreehosting.com/ In their cPanel, the theme is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the default MOFH reseller cPanel theme.. Image: https://prnt.sc/15nxn4r As you can see in the image, the whole cPanel is different... and to prove that it is iFastNet reseller: https://prnt.sc/15nxuoc How can you change the theme?
  2. Oh.. For some reason, it deletes the .htaccess file (maybe because it starts with a . ?) I'm on a linux distro bwt
  3. DO you mean the .htaccess that are in the sys-auth folders??? Because there is no .htaccess in the main folder.
  4. I know it does redirect to /auth/signup but it says 404 not found...
  5. When I went to signup.php originally, it redirected me to that and said '404 not found' So I changed it to '/sys-auth/signup.php/ and it said 403 forbidden
  6. too confusing to setup when i try to go to the signup page it says 403 and other stuff @Aqib
  7. I did not I registered them, and tried to use them on MOFH and it says already in use even though I registered it 1 min ago Then I go to it and it says something like 'Bestfreehost.cf Free hosting service' and it uses a theme that I can't even download!!!
  8. So I finished my new MOFH reseller (https://fastfreehost.ml) and when I try to create an account (to test it) it says Sorry. We are unable to supply you with an account at this time (Ip logged as [hidden IP]). error code #934698385 What can I do to fix this? In the MOFH Admin panel, everything is set up correctly I think Also on the register page for my template (and all the templates at https://myownfreehost.net/templates.php) there is no domain chooser. I have 2 domains (freeh.gq and host11.cf) But there's no domain selector for it.... why?? And I found a modern t
  9. But I registered the domain like 2 minutes ago and I saw it in front of my eyes. There's no way that could happen
  10. So in the MOFH Reseller Panel I set up the domains. But with the theme I use there is no dropdown for domains. And with the other ones at https://myownfreehost.net/templates.php they don't have it either. I found on on Github by MOFHDevs called 'mofh-material-template' (https://github.com/MOFHDevs/mofh-material-template) but it doesn't have 'free-hosting.php' (even though it has a tab for it) Is there a theme that DOES support free domains?? My URL is http://fastfreehost.ml
  11. OH also, I did successfully get a domain registered on MOFH, and it's been 24 hours and the WEBSITE IS UP, but I haven't received any email about credentials @Pro Hostinga
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