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  1. Use this: https://github.com/PlanetTheCloud/project-logged
  2. I heard there was a nameserver problem with iFastNet (and SSL problem) so maybe that's happening
  3. I do have an SSL certificate. Also now it's redirecting to an ad page with ?z at the end.
  4. So my MOFH reseller (https://fastfreehost.ml) was working fine for months, but today it redirected to suspendeddomain.org Why? How can I fix this? In my emails or the MOFH panel, nothing about suspension has been emailed. Does it have something to do with the hits? I have 2,736 edit: now it's redirecting to an ads page with ?z at the end.
  5. Please update MySQL from 7.4.8 to the latest version. 7.4.8 is from 2015! That is VERY outdated. And MyiSam is VERY old. Most software in Softaculous needs InnoDB, and InnoDB is the new MyiSam. Please change it @Admin@admin_kaze @Administrator
  6. I have used a free host called https://ultifreehosting.com/ In their cPanel, the theme is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the default MOFH reseller cPanel theme.. Image: https://prnt.sc/15nxn4r As you can see in the image, the whole cPanel is different... and to prove that it is iFastNet reseller: https://prnt.sc/15nxuoc How can you change the theme?
  7. Oh.. For some reason, it deletes the .htaccess file (maybe because it starts with a . ?) I'm on a linux distro bwt
  8. DO you mean the .htaccess that are in the sys-auth folders??? Because there is no .htaccess in the main folder.
  9. I know it does redirect to /auth/signup but it says 404 not found...
  10. When I went to signup.php originally, it redirected me to that and said '404 not found' So I changed it to '/sys-auth/signup.php/ and it said 403 forbidden
  11. too confusing to setup when i try to go to the signup page it says 403 and other stuff @Aqib
  12. I did not I registered them, and tried to use them on MOFH and it says already in use even though I registered it 1 min ago Then I go to it and it says something like 'Bestfreehost.cf Free hosting service' and it uses a theme that I can't even download!!!
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