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  1. Is there any free client area with login system available out there?
  2. Did you ever manage to use this and create an SSL Certificate generator successfully?
  3. I haven't made it yet, I will start making it soon. I am going to try and use the Lets Encrypt system to somehow do it like @InfinityFree - if you could give your experience it would be great.
  4. Thank you for that. Also, I managed to set it up. I am working on an SSL generator now. Thanks for the help guys!!
  5. Thanks, I am at the part where it has this: I have no idea what to put here, please help.
  6. Hi, I am starting a hosting company. I would like a client area, but I do not know how to code to that level. Are there any free solutions available? Even just templates? I know CSS so I can customise it myself, I just need the system to work. Are there any available?
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