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  1. ssh access might be coming to free hosting VERY soon.
  2. This is a nice place for nice people, to maintain peace we have a few simple rules. No advertising allowed. No trolling and false reporting allowed. No posting of ways to hack into iFastNet infrastructure or bypass any limit allowed. No bullying other users allowed. Such behavior will NOT be tolerated. Spamming other users or putting pressure in a hard way will not be accepted. Misleading information in posts and attempting to scam is not allowed. Any attempts to infect community members with viruses either through uploading a file or posting a link to
  3. Hey, Its me again. My account is limited. I cannot chat or send messages. Also i lost my super moderator status. 

    And on the side note, i would like to design the new home page for myownfreehost and more free hosting templates. Thanks.

    1. Malvin


      Could you give me free hosting templates? Thank you.

  4. http://support.ifastnet.com/ is 100% up and working.
  5. your web browser needs to support javascript AND cookies, the python script urlopen('http://bagr.byethost6.com').read() obviously will not support javascript or cookies hence it is not able to access the resource.
  6. This was a temporary issue that affected free hosting only, and was resolved.
  7. it might be possible to allow access to just LE's servers .. I'll add a card to trello to see if a dev can check it.
  8. chat scripts are not allowed on free hosting (you did read the long page that's shown after registering which lists the types of sites / scripts that are not allowed ?? )
  9. Due to abusers, on free hosting our webmail ip addresses get blacklisted quickly, and the only way to 'fix' this was to issue new ip addresses, however as ipv4 addresses are running low we have had to stop allocating new ip addresses for free clients. Please consider upgrading to premium hosting for a much better mail experience.
  10. Sounds like your account got suspended. Please file a support ticket at http://support.ifastnet.com/
  11. When you purchase a premium account, you get a domain included. All premium accounts require a domain, so you would not have byethost in your URL. Please let us know if you have any more questions.
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