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  1. I bring you great news: We have begun rolling upgrades of all free hosting web servers to PHP 8.2. We are incrementally upgrading the nodes in the cluster one by one, so some websites are already running PHP 8.2, and all servers will be updated to this new version over the following weeks. As well as updating PHP, we are adding a new range of powerful 56-core SSD servers into the cluster, delivering faster load times to your sites.
  2. php 8.1 is testing on ONE server currently while testing and ironing out bugs that have been discovered.
  3. Hello everyone, As of 24 hours ago, 6 new callbacks were added! When a reseller client adds/removes any domains from their account in vPanel, a callback will be fired to your reseller callback URL with a status of the above, including the username and domain. This should enable any advanced client areas to keep in sync. Enjoy!
  4. Hi everyone, In the coming month, we will deprecate all versions of PHP on free hosting other than the 7. x tree. If you use the site builder that requires PHP 5.x, you have two options, rebuild your site not to use this, or upgrade to premium, where we will maintain these old versions. Any scripts uploaded that need old PHP versions to follow the same path, upgrade script, or the hosting account. Its been a hard decision; however, we need to move forward and not allow insecure code to run on our servers/platform. We can continue to allow these versions of PHP on the premium hosting due to having extended support that costs us, provided by our partner CloudLinux https://lp.cloudlinux.com/hardenedphp-wp. If you have any questions, please send a support ticket as usual! Best regards, The IfastNet Administration Team.
  5. cpvp.ga. 300 IN NS benedict.ns.cloudflare.com. cpvp.ga. 300 IN NS kinsley.ns.cloudflare.com. ;; Received 104 bytes from in 199 ms order.cpvp.ga. 300 IN A ;; Received 58 bytes from in 27 ms It shows that you are using Cloudflare and have the A record set to, while our nameservers show the following: host -t a order.cpvp.ga ns1.byet.org Using domain server: Name: ns1.byet.org Address: Aliases: order.cpvp.ga has address You're pointing the domain to the wrong IP address...
  6. this can simply be found using nslookup $domain_name ns1.byet.org
  7. This is on the roadmap. However, due to the way our servers on free hosting are configured to run PHP its not a 'trivial' upgrade, so no time lines are able to be provided.
  8. Hi all, We have now doubled the amount of resources that a free hosting account can consume on a daily basis after adding additional servers, etc. Enjoy! And please upgrade to premium if your site becomes a success. Also, stay safe during these uncertain times. Best regards Admin
  9. We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our name servers; this is being worked on.
  10. ssh access might be coming to free hosting VERY soon.
  11. Hi everyone, We are in the process of upgrading to PHP version 7.4.8; version 7.3 will be removed. This fixes hundreds of bugs in the PHP 7.x series and is the new 'stable' branch of PHP. Best regards.
  12. Dear All, Planned maintenance is In affect immediately and due to end around December Work being completed Web servers, and storage system backend are being replaced. The following services will be impacted Free hosting website access {during the process sometime old versions of a site may be displayed, dont panic this will update to the current version once the process has completed} Reseller Homepage Access FTP Access Email Access
  13. https://support.ifastnet.com/ is 100% up and working.
  14. your web browser needs to support javascript AND cookies, the python script urlopen('https://bagr.byethost6.com').read() obviously will not support javascript or cookies hence it is not able to access the resource.
  15. This was a temporary issue that affected free hosting only, and was resolved.
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