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  1. I can access the home page of a client of reseller account , i think damages some files could you please help me

    1. mike


      So you are saying, you accessed a client site from the reseller panel, and that you damaged a bunch of files right ?

      If so, there is nothing Byet/Ifastnet can do for you, unles you, or your client had a backup of the site.

    2. mike
  2. Why can't we comment on Announcements?


    Is there any specific point whereas we can tell our view and reaction about the announcements (like thank you so much admins!) or are they supposed only for Admins to post updates?


    By the way thank you so much for the improvement!

    1. Hostingaj
    2. PCTipsGR


      If only it didn't need to be until december and you could keep some servers working so that resellers are not down, it would be perfect :D 

  3. Hey, Its me again. My account is limited. I cannot chat or send messages. Also i lost my super moderator status. 

    And on the side note, i would like to design the new home page for myownfreehost and more free hosting templates. Thanks.

    1. Malvin


      Could you give me free hosting templates? Thank you.