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  1. Thanks, opened 488326. Don't know why, but the domain was not accepted yesterday.
  2. I would hate to do this route, in order for a simple fix (ie: unban since there is no need to ban at all) to be applied. Hate to disappoint you, but the domain field is actually checked! That is why I could not open a ticket at all. Any way you can reach ifastnet as a moderator of this forum and ask for my case? If that is not possible, I will definitely search for another hosting service. No need to torture myself with opening tickets etc etc etc
  3. First, I must say I am completely frustrated here. I understand this is a free service, but this is becoming a joke. I created an addon site to host a joomla site. I tried uploading web files for it. Left off and found out that the system cut off my upload. Tried to login and the cpanel returns me to the login screen. I enter the URL of my domain and I am presented with a http://suspendeddomain.org/l/ I can not enter the cpanel, it throws me back to the login screen. Therefore, I can not register a ticket for this issue. How can I contact Byet support? Does Byet look in the foru
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